Hello and thanks for dropping by!

Just call me Jimboy.

Hello, I am Jimboy Salomon. 

People ask me why I blog? Is there something I can gain from it? They often tell me, I am just wasting my time, and brain cells.

But little did they know that blogging can also be a recreation, not only do you absorb and give away ideas, blogging can also be a good medium to vent out what you feel for something.

For people who knew me well, there can be no denying for them that I am a person full of ideas. You can let me talk about politics, the economy, governance, lovelife, and even academics, and I tell you, I will always have my 2 cents for it. And because of that, I was tagged as the “DJ Mo Twister of Pagadian” (Pardon the exaggeration) by one of my close friends in high school.

Sometimes, conversations are not enough, or if I’m alone and ideas have been going in and out of my mind, soliloquy wouldn’t suffice, there’s always this urge to write about that idea, no matter how lengthy my posts can get.

So I wrap up with that. I am James Annjo, a Medical Technology student graduate from Cebu City and aspires to become a doctor someday, and these are my stories.

Carpe diem,


17 thoughts on “Hello and thanks for dropping by!

  1. ahahaha..you have a wordpress blog na diay? Good for you…:) It took me awhile to realize that having a gravatar usually means you have an account..stupid me..LOL…good luck with this blog…:))

    (I’m adding you in my blogroll so that you can get more readers…XD)

    1. Thanks Ate Myka! I actually got inspired by you also since makabasa ko nga almost everyday you update your wordpress. 🙂

      Lagi, I’m trying to update my blog everyday.

      1. That’s only for the summer…and I needed to write..ahahah…:) good luck keeping this up…it’s amazing when you get readers from other countries…makes me feel happy…hahahah…:)

      2. Hahahaha. 🙂 Yes yes te, it’s really amazing to have followers coming from other nations.. Thanks te! I am trying my best to have atleast an entry per day, not only does it serve as an outlet of thoughts, it would also help me in somewhat practicing my writing skill which has been idle for quite a time now..

  2. Wow you are student journalist. 😮 I’m currently in a high school and also involved in a news agency. However, I’m in Bangla section. I have a plan to be journalist for some foreign news agency for which English is a must.

    I’m already boring you with long comments so this time I’d just ask you to take a look at my About page.

    You got a macbook, huh? 😡 (because I don’t have one)

    1. Good to hear that we share the same passion with Journalism! I hope you succeed in your field there in Bangladesh! Work it out, I hope to see you someday in CNN or BBC perhaps.

      No you are not boring me with long comments, in fact, I appreciate people writing long comments because they really have spared some time reading my blog.

      I got my macbook as a reward for my performance in school. Don’t worry, it pays when you work hard. So, you can work hard to have that Macbook of yours also! 🙂

      1. Thanks. 🙂 I actually plan to move to the US, UK, Canada or Australia. 🙂 I hope my luck favors me with that.

        About the macbook: I actually don’t need this. Most people buy macbook to show off that they are on Mac family. If you want to get rid of windows’ pains, then go linux. It will give you a fresh working environment.

        Still I will buy a macbook once i have lots of money. My current target is buying a regular laptop. I mostly use ubuntu for my work. When need some softwares such as photoshop, I have to go to windows. This is where mac is better.

        So, at the end of the day, mac is on my wishlist too 😛

      2. Good, at least moving to US, UK, Canada or Australia will widen the horizons of you entering into Foreign Journalism.

        Yes, unfortunately, some people choose Mac to show-off. But not with me. I chose Mac because of its immunity from Windows’s worms and viruses which is rampantly spreading here in the Philippines. Since Mac has a different OS then it is not vulnerable to those, or at least that was what Mac technicians here say.

        A year ago, Mac was only in my wishlist and it was granted. I hope yours too will be granted. 🙂

  3. If you hadn’t gone mac, I would have referred you to Ubuntu. I have seen a huge number of people falling in love with ubuntu although they wanted mac madly (same, they wanted to get rid of worms, viruses, threats, alerts, etc). Even I myself am pretty happy with ubuntu. That’s why my primary target is a regular one. Mac is for rich people. 😦 I will go for that later.

    1. Yes, long time ago, I was able to use Ubuntu. This was during those times that accordingly, the policemen here, or the NBI was chasing after those computers that possess illegal licenses of windows. So almost all internet shops here switched to Ubuntu. At first, getting around Ubuntu was quite difficult of course because we were used to windows for a long time. But I didn’t know, not until you told me so, that it has the same properties of Mac against viruses, threats, et al.

      No, I beg to disagree that Mac is for rich people. I am not rich, and my family’s not rich also. I just preferred Mac because it was a worth it investment if you compare it to Windows where you have to have a regular working antivirus which can be expensive sometimes. 🙂

      1. I disagree as well. Mac is for rich people. You said you were rewarded this mac.

        I agree that the money maybe worth it. But still mac is for rich people. You go to buy just a mac’s keyboard, or mouse, and see how expensive it is compared to the other ones.

  4. Sir! I really really really don’t like reading but your blogs are amazing. I don’t know what happened but I can’t stop reading even you personal profile! haha tol good luck sayo. Sigurado magiging successful ka at makikilala ka satin. Nakaka inggit yung talino mo! haha.

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