Quoted and got quoted.

Oftentimes, I quote somebody else. Perhaps because of the reason that what they’re telling are true, and it answers my uncertainties in life. Sometimes though, I get quoted. Maybe of the same reason. So here’s some of my favorites:

  • “The earth is just a speck in the universe”– Estela Felicia. During one conversations, she told us that the earth is just so tiny and humanity may not even matter to the rest of the universe.
  • “Because it’s also true that you need to get hurt to feel better again. That your heart has to be torn apart for it to be put back together and it hopefully becomes stronger. It’s also true that you have to fall into pieces to become whole once again. And when you do become whole, you’re wiser, you’re stronger and you’re a better you.– Hydra Bersales. I consider this one of my favorite quotes because it simply talks about reality. Oftentimes, when we get hurt, the immediate response of some people would be “get better” “you dont deserve to be hurt” however, we forget that we become selfish when we don’t allow hurt to get inside us, because sometimes, hurt can result to good things.
  • “LUST is a sign of being human”– Atty. Judelyn Macapili. During one of our discussions about contraceptives. She told the class that initially, it’s lust that works, then love follows. If a person does not lust, he’s either abnormal, or simply not human at all.
  • “What I see a reason of your confusion? Was because when you decided to end it, you were loving her so much. That’s why you’re confused now” – Abigail Torres. When I asked her why I am still confused with my life, and why do I sometimes feel like not getting what things supposed to mean.
  • “If you think positive,then you believe in yourself, f you believe in yourself,then you’ll get motivated, if you get motivated,you’ll do good,and if you do good,you’ll have great chances of winning” Got quoted after giving advices to aspiring student government officers in my High School Alma Mater.
  • “Everything in this world is a competition, either you fit in and fight or you back off and get lost” Random thought that entered my mind after playing Taptap with Kyna’s Ipod Touch.
  • “We expect failures, and I will never tell you it’s an easy subject because it is not, deny yourself to be part of those failing students” -Dr. Hedelisa Lozada during her orientation for the subject Hematology

More quotes to come. 🙂


What say you?

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