Pagadian’s Puting Balas

I’ve lived in Pagadian City for more than 18 years now, however, if you would ask me if I have personally set foot in some of the tourist spots here, I would give you an honest no. It’s sad, I know, that I have been looking forward exploring some other, farther, places but not having been able to see what one’s own has. So probably this Christmas Break, I would, if given a chance, see the different must see and must go spots around the city.

But last October of 2010, I was lucky enough to go to one of the famous sites in the city, no less than the “Puting Balas”. It is called so because literally it is a stretch of white sandbar that ONLY APPEARS when its LOW TIDE.

Puting Balas is accessible everywhere since it’s located just few kilometers off the port of Pagadian. You can ask for some private motorized bancas in Brgy. San Pedro and they would price you at about Php350.00 roundtrip like blogger Dr. Wendell. Continue reading “Pagadian’s Puting Balas”