Cadiz, not Capiz. :D

Whenever I tell people that I recently went to Cadiz, what comes into their minds is a different place, an island apart from where I actually went, Capiz. To people who doesn’t know much about the geography of Region VI they would think that Capiz and Cadiz are two same places, they would even think they had mispronounced the third letter “d” to “p” or the other way around.

But no, Cadiz and Capiz are two different places, they are even far from each other that they are separated by a water body. While Cadiz is a city and is in Negros Occidental, Capiz on the other hand is in the Panay Island and is a province. So the two really are not the same.

Since childhood up to this writing, our family keeps on going almost yearly to this humble place, who wouldn’t if it is the hometown of your mom right?  Continue reading “Cadiz, not Capiz. :D”