Lagaw sa Bacolod

(December 20,2011)

From Iloilo, we arrived around 4 pm in Bacolod City after taking the RORO trip from Dumangas. We immediately went to SM City Bacolod to have our bags kept at the traveller’s lounge. At exactly 5 pm, we were finally settled. We did not really have any plan on what to do in Bacolod City since we were not able to follow our itinerary. I was afraid too of pushing with the plan on going to Silay for we might not be able to get back early and be late for the night trip to Dumaguete City. Instead, we ate early dinner at the Manokan Country, where you can find the famous Bacolod Chicken Inasals. The mother of all inasals throughout the country. We did not let the chance slip because for sure, we would regret it if we would miss to taste how it is like when they do the chicken inasals. I finished 1 pecho, 1baticulon, 1 softdrink and 2 rice and paid only less than Php150.00.

San Sebastian Cathedral

After eating, Rezzmah and Krizel decided to watch Mission Impossible 4 while I insisted on touring around Bacolod City. Around 6 pm, I started with the nearer one, the San Sebastian Cathedral. I did not take pictures inside the church only on the outside.

Bacolod City Plaza

Fronting the San Sebastian Cathedral is the Bacolod City Plaza, at that time, it was surrounded by tiangge stalls where you can find bits and pieces at a low price. In the heart of the plaza is an edifice where near the roof of it were names of famous musicians written.

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Cadiz, not Capiz. :D

Whenever I tell people that I recently went to Cadiz, what comes into their minds is a different place, an island apart from where I actually went, Capiz. To people who doesn’t know much about the geography of Region VI they would think that Capiz and Cadiz are two same places, they would even think they had mispronounced the third letter “d” to “p” or the other way around.

But no, Cadiz and Capiz are two different places, they are even far from each other that they are separated by a water body. While Cadiz is a city and is in Negros Occidental, Capiz on the other hand is in the Panay Island and is a province. So the two really are not the same.

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