Day tour at Fort San Pedro

Throughout my three years of stay here in Cebu, and my frequent visit at Pier 1, I have never really tried going or getting inside the adjacent plaza, Fort San Pedro. For one, in the previous years, it has been under renovation and was just opened recently, like last year, and for two, I’m too tired to go since I’m still not familiar with the routes of the jeep, which one to to take me there, and which one I should take to get back home.

So yesterday, after going to MV Logos Hope I asked Abby that we would tour around Fort San Pedro to see what really is inside those thick walls.

Before getting inside the fort, I made it a point to take picture in the Malacañang sa Sugbu.  Continue reading “Day tour at Fort San Pedro”


MV Logos Hope experience

After they have decommissioned its predecessor MV Doulos, the German Charitable Organization, GBA Ship e.V, had replaced it with a much bigger ship making it the largest floating bookstore in the world. The MV Logos Hope.

In line with their thrust to bring knowledge, help  and hope to the people, the MV Logos Hope ship has been sailing from port to port not only to sell books but open awareness of people as well in some things such as their HIV campaign. Continue reading “MV Logos Hope experience”

Cebu carnival experience

(January 22,2012)

When I was on my way to Cadiz City last week, I couldn’t help but notice the amusement park near the Cebu Doctors’ University in Mandaue. Prior to that, I’ve seen pictures posted in Facebook of friends and some acquaintances who had tried the rides there in the carnival, and so I made it a point that when I get back to Cebu, I would try to invite my friends that we’d try the carnival, but I forgot about it. Continue reading “Cebu carnival experience”