It’s been a long time since I last updated this blog, school has taken its toll on me, made me too lazy to write. But since my enthusiasm on updating this blog rekindled, so here I am up with this short note.

I have just survived what my superiors say as the most challenging year in my Medtech life and by next week, I shall become a full-fledged intern.

I welcomed that with mixed emotions, I was happy because I was able to survive junior year without failing or flunking any subject, but at the same time anxious because internship will test what I have learned from those major subjects I have taken up.

But let’s leave it to that for now as I will still know how well will I tread the path of internship.

Rappler’s Ambassador

CITIZEN JOURNALIST. Rappler through its MovePH arm launched the “Rappler’s Ambassador Program” to train citizen journalist for the 2013 election coverage.

Over summer, particularly during the election season, while I was busy trying to keep up with my academic life, I was also busy contributing to Rappler.

Rappler, is a social news network, led by then CNN Jakarta Bureau Chief and then ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs Chief Maria Ressa.

In Rappler, they had this program called “Rappler Ambassador” which was aimed at training citizen journalists for the election season. Although I was not able to attend the proper training in Manila, which I highly regretted had it not because of the conflict of schedules, Rappler was still kind enough to include me as one of their ambassadors.

I was throwing updates about the local elections in Pagadian, my hometown. I even went home not only to vote but to be able to give updates and reports about the election scenario in Pagadian.

I can say that even for just a short while, I was able to do again the thing that I so enjoyed doing back when I was in high school, reporting. I am forever grateful of Rappler for giving me the opportunity to be one of their Rappler Ambassadors.

In case you are interested about the stories in Pagadian or the news site itself, just visit Rappler.


ACCEPTED. The National Youth Commision’s official email informing me that I have been accepted in the JENESYS 2.0 Program.

Debate with me, but I think it’s almost every student leader’s dream to represent his own country especially in international gatherings of the crème de la crème. I know that very well because it has been one of my unrealized dreams.

Not only last Tuesday.

While I was checking my email, it was surely a pleasant surprise to see an email coming from the Philippine National Youth Commission congratulating me for having been chosen as one of the youth ambassadors that they will be sending to Japan this coming June 21-30 as part of the JENESYS Program.

Up to now, I am still in disbelief considering that after how many rejections I had received from the NYC following the countless applications I had attempted, I was still chosen to be part of the 3rd batch.

It is still clear to me how my initial reaction was upon reading the email, I could barely talk at all, perhaps because of excitement and happiness. I urged myself to re-read the email, and it was followed by series of shouting and exclaiming.

My parents and relatives were happy to hear the news too and they promised support in whatever ways they are capable of.

Indeed, this is one of the best early birthday gifts I have received. As I would turn 20 on the 28th, I know that I would surely enjoy it, and will make the most out of it in Japan.

As for now, I will just try to compose myself and prepare. It has been my practice not to really formulate some “expectations” to not invite disappointments.

One thing’s for sure, three weeks from now I will surely exclaim, “Konnichiwa Japan!”

Here’s to the pleasant surprises in life,



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