It has been three years since I started writing my blog, and for all those years I have never been able to join any formal training and conference where I could further enhance my skill in writing.

Yesterday, while I was looking through the some pages in my Facebook account, I came across with this invitation:

Invitation for the Cebu Blog Camp 3

I got giddy upon seeing the invite because it is nonetheless the most anticipated event of the bloggers here in Cebu. I have always looked forward to joining events of this type, for it’s not like everyday that there would be conferences about blogging or social media contrary to leadership trainings, science and environmental camps, or peace conferences that could happen almost every month. The last conference about Social Media that I participated was when had its #Move.Ph Chat Series in USJR (I still owe you guys a story about that).

Bearing no hesitations at all, I immediately pre-registered for the event, and since this is my first time to participate, the only expectation that I would bring with me on that date, in CICC, at the Cebu Blog Camp, is to learn many things about blogging so that I could further my skill on it.

For a person who’s had experiences of being a speaker in conferences (although not related to blogging), it is always a good feeling to go back from where we once were, on the receiving end. Indeed, I am very much excited to join in the 3rd Cebu Blog Camp, and be a student of blogging for a day.

This event could not have been possible without the help of these different companies and organizations that are supporters of bloggers, or at least that’s what I would like to believe.

Cebu Provincial Government 

Globe Corporation Inc. 

The Center Suites


Here’s to looking forward to the event,

PS: If you want to register for the event, you may visit this SITE.


What say you?

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