It’s this time of the year when many people are going loco about getting a… (drum roll please) PLANNER!

And yes, I don’t blame them for going loco because it’s during this time (especially that we’re few weeks before the year ends) that many coffee shops, restaurants, or bookstores roll out their limited-edition-one-should-get-because-you-cannot-see-this-elsewhere types of planners.

However, what saddens me is that they would still have to let you buy stuff, collect something, just to have that planner. Indeed, a classic example of “hard work pays off” ha ha ha. But if you come to realize, it is still a planner. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not bitter about those coffee shop planners, I even got myself one last year, it’s just that I realized now that they serve the same purpose with those other planners you can buy elsewhere and also, I’m never a fan of planning ha ha ha just joining the bandwagon of getting planners. 🙂

While I was looking for a planner online, I bumped into this article from about the “50 Best Planners for 2013”.  While running one’s eye over the pictures, something caught my attention, and it’s this artsy planner from Filed Inc that made me realize to get a planner for next year.

My Doodle Planner 2013!

So here’s it, my 2013 Doodle Planner from Filed Inc


  • -7”x5”x 0.75”
  • -Isometric Grid Cover Page
  • -Doodle Pages Per Month
  • -Monthly Views
  • -Daily Views
  • -Feature-a-day page and Monthly Expense Tracker
  • -Vision Board
  • -Movies to see
  • -Books to read
  • -Places to visit
  • -Restaurants to try
  • -Special FILED page marker
  • -Kraft Pocket
  • -The best thing is, it’s never too late to buy because date starts December 17, 2012!!!

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Not only those, I even got two freebies online (you get it when you buy online or some selected stores):

  1. A cute plushie!
  2.  Garterized Pen Holder

In case I got you enticed of getting the same planner, you can get it online at <>! 🙂

You can also follow them on twitter: @getfiled

Or Like Filed! Facebook Page at:



Here’s to planning good things ahead,


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