High school years were the best years of my life. You wouldn’t know how much you miss it until you go to college, or even post graduate perhaps. High school years were full of countless memories, adventures and even misadventures. Unlike in college where you are being molded into a better person through the courses you need to learn to be able to obtain that degree you have been wanting to finish, in high school, you are being molded into a better person through the experiences, activities, friendships that you develop while you are treading on it.

For the most part of my high school years, it was spent on participating different extra-curricular activities. Surely I wouldn’t be where I am right now, and what I am right now, had it not been because of such activities. One organization I am always grateful of is the Science Club of ZSNHS, and the Science Clubbing experience that I had with them. Now that I am in college, it has always been my desire to pay homage to one of the organizations that have helped me hone my skills. 

Yesterday and the day before it, fate may have heard my desires and it has done its way to bring me back to my alma mater. Through the invite from one of our science teachers before, Mr. Matthew Sabasales, I came to know that the school is hosting yet again the Regional Science Camp of this year. I did not hesitate and said yes for the invite, I just can’t contain my excitement to see them doing the things we do before, to see how they do it now, to see how much have changed, and to see what is the trend now in Science Clubbing.

Opening Program

Regional Education Supervisor Basher O. Jamahali delivering his inspirational talk.

Thursday night. Together with Elaine and Ivy, we witnessed their opening program. Although the campers were lesser than I thought, I did not expect that it was such a fun crowd. Later that night I was reminded, “quality over quantity”.


Facilitators of the 6th Regional Science Camp

The staffers of the science camp came prepared, unlike us before that “being prepared” was never really in our vocabularies, we were sort of the “spontaneous” type of people. Spontaneity is what we’re best at.

Fun would be an understatement if you would ask me about the crowd. Everyone was really participative, active, and seems to be enjoying the night. Even the electricity showed its excitement by fluctuating, turning on and off every now and then (No, seriously, there’s a power shortage problem in this side of the country, so power supplies are on shifting basis).

My scorecards for the Talent Showdown

Later that night, it came as a surprise to me to know that I would be judging the “Talent Showdown”. Though surprised, I got excited about it, especially when I would be stone’s throw away from the performers. It was fun seeing their faces while they would try to impress the judges, but what made that night hard was the fact that I would be judging them, of course I tried to be objective, and giving comments to them that would still follow objectivity yet not break their heart. So I gave them honest-to-goodness comments. 🙂

First is the Siay National High School
Second to perform, Piñan National High School
Third in row, Salug National High School
Last but not the least, Molave Vocational Technical School

To Piñan National High School, I REALLY ENJOYED watching your performance, although I had a hard time trying to contain myself, and trying to keep myself from smiling or laughing. (Imagine how hard was it on my part. Hahahahah.)

Talk on Environmental Sustainability/Science Clubbing Experience

I was with Michelle, Abby, and Janne Eloise the following day because we were invited again to grace the event, this time though, Michelle and I were asked to speak about things that would inspire the campers, especially the Science Club Officers of ZSNHS.


During my talk on Environmental Sustainability

Because I felt the need to do my job as the Region IX President of the United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines, I chose to educate the participants about the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) of the United Nations, particularly on Environmental Sustainability which is really close to the hearts of Science Clubbers/Science Advocates. I related Environmental Sustainability and Science Clubbing and gave them 5 points to remember when advocating for Environmental Sustainability/Science Clubbing.

I now understand the fulfillment a speaker feels when someone is really paying attention to what you talk about, when they see someone taking down notes, and when they see someone really interested or curious about what you are talking about. I give the credit to the topics that I incorporated, particularly the supposed “love equation” and the “Theory of Love”, among others.

“Love Equation” Hahahaha.


Michelle during her talk

Michelle on the other hand talked more about Science Clubbing Experience especially that she is currently a member of the Executive Council Assistance Team of the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs, Inc. During her talk, I was reminded on how we once dreamt of reaching the National Council, how it was almost every science clubber’s dream to serve the National Council, yet here she is, reaching that dream, inspiring these young people, and I know that one day, some of these young people, will follow her foot steps and will serve the National Council. As Michelle would put it, “We were also like you before, just at the receiving end”.

Collaged photos during that day

It was really fulfilling to be able to share our knowledge and experiences to the young people who are now taking the journey we once took. It was equally fulfilling to have served the organization that we owe who we are, what we are right now. To PSYSC Regional Council President Danah Rivera, Sir Matt Sabasales, Mrs. Agapita Magtuba and Mr. Basher Jamahali, thank you for letting us intrude and swarm your activity and for also causing some revisions on your program. Yes, sorry to say, but we enjoyed doing it. 🙂




2 thoughts on “6th Regional Science Camp 2012

  1. that’s why the place was very familiar it’s because I was there myself 🙂 I love your lecture that time Sir =)

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you don’t stop yourself from pursuing advocacies in Science and Leadership, we need a lot of youths like you, like us, for the future of this nation!

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