It was funny to know that the conference that we will be attending in Manila had changes, although we did not notice it at first, but because of the “sunod-sunod” na lectures that we were having, I was already getting the impression that they might be chasing after time. Well, looks like it.

Imagine, lecture after lecture after lecture, who wouldn’t think it was sort of a suicide, and epistaxis on our part. Boy was I wrong on deciding not to take even just a nap the night before, good for those who were able to prep themselves because they were not in a battle against sleep.

Result of not getting any sleep at all. 😀

Nevertheless, Elaine, Kuya Joe and I totally enjoyed the activity, no sarcasm implied. What was a blessing in disguise though was that because of the shortened activity, we got ourselves, whole day with nothing to do. So we checked out early, and visited some spots in Manila.

Us three. Kuya Joe, Elaine and Me.

National Museum

Spoliarium from Wikipedia

If you ask me what comes in to my mind whenever I hear the word “National Museum”, it will always be the “Spoliarium” painting of Juan Luna. It was always part of my bucket list of “To See” things and see the painting face to face. Imagine the excitement I was feeling deep inside.

Unfortunately though, like the famed quote of Bea Alonzo in her latest movie says, “Di lahat ng gusto mo, nakukuha mo”. Too bad the building where they house the art collections WAS CLOSED FOR RENOVATION and will open on the day that we will be flying back to Cebu. I know, it was that sad. Life must go on, so we went to the other building of the National Museum, the one that housed antique things other than paintings but the good thing was that the admission was for free since it was a Sunday, but for the rest of the week, there will be admission fees, see:

The Facade of the National Museum.

So we got to roam around the building, it had an elevator and it was air conditioned. (Who says Museums lag in terms of technologies huh?)

One of the first things that would welcome you when you enter the building.

There were several collections from several prominent families and corporation.

Room where you can see the collections of San Miguel Corporation.

There was even a replica of an Ifugao house which you can still see in the mountains of Batad.

And a trivia, Manila got its name from a plant, yes a plant.

This plant was where Manila got its name, or at least according to the curator.

Rizal Park

Hello, Rizal Park!

After that short stop in the National Museum, we went to look for the Rizal Park. But since it was our first time there, we were having a hard time looking for it. Yes, I know it was just near, but given that technology has failed us that time, and we were not getting any wifi signal to look through google maps, cause initially there was really no wifi, we fell into the temptation of riding a Calesa.

Posing with the Calesa.

Manong something was really that persistent and even offered P50/person for a Calesa ride so we gave in. He toured us around Rizal Park, had a stop over at the Rizal Statue. What got me afraid though was that there was no special lanes (whatever you call that) exclusive for calesas and we had to go bumper to bumper with cars to be able to go around Rizal Park.

Driver’s point of view.
Hello Rizal!
Elaine and Kuya Joe with Rizal.

So after having taken picture with Rizal Statue, and all. Manong asked us where we are headed next, I told him we’re planning to take LRT. So he brought us to Central Avenue, the nearest LRT station, and to our surprise, the P50/person became P500 for the entire ride. I was telling myself, are you nuts? Elaine explained though that it was a long ride, and the horse got injured after having accidentally kneeled, scratched itself..hmmm are we really that heavy?

Mall Hopping

The plan that day was to meet our Wild Unyapers friends that evening, but because we still have so much spare time we decided to go mall hopping. Imagine the distance and imagine that we brought with us our luggages, so every time we enter a train station, a mall, or even just an establishment, we had to open our bags. Yes, bags, we brought along plenty of them.

First we went to Trinoma, yes we had to pass through Trinoma because we’re heading to SM North EDSA. In SM North we strolled a little bit, and comforted ourselves with yoghurts. After that, we received a text saying we had to meet Kuya Paul in SM MOA. Yes, at the other end of EDSA.


In MOA though, we enjoyed looking at those people dolled up for a Cosplay event and even had some pictures with them.

Kuya Joe and Elaine with the Cosplayers.
Elaine and I with the Cosplayers

After meeting up with Kuya Paul at MOA, we transferred to SM SouthMall to meet with Dom. Then finally we went to Alabang Town Center to where we would meet Dom’s family and later we would know that he’ll be treating us for coffee, thanks Dom!

Coffee treat of Dom.

It was exhausting but it was fun roaming around and checking in to different malls. For people who have foursquare accounts like me, plus points for us right? And we could possibly have our mall rat badges. Hahahhaha.


“Pektyur-pektyur”. So that signals us that there’s a photo-opp coming.

I stopped believing in sleep-overs. Experience would tell me that there’s no such thing as sleep overs, because usually, you don’t get to sleep there. Because of too much fun, too much noise, too much games, you could somehow forget that you’re sleepy and all. That’s what happened.

Five of us in one bed. Lol. The Gods must be crazy. Hahaha.

Instead of sleeping we had intellectual talks over tequila. Hahahhaha. Yes, but we we’re not drunk, I’d like to say, we’re in the state of euphoria. =) I say there’s no better way of catching up with old friends than having it with beers, and of course less inhibitions.

All five of us tried to fit ourselves in one bed, and though we’re ready to go to sleep, talking never ceased. I napped for a short time, and woke up to the aroma of coffee Dom’s mom prepared for us.

4 am that was. Dom’s dad brought us to the airport and we bade farewell to Dom and Kuya Paul. So yes, although it was tiring day for us, it was still fun, especially that we were able to catch up with some Wild Unyapers. Till next time, we look forward to things like this!

Obligatory photo with the clock of the Manila City Hall.
(Some photos by Elaine)

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