Swimming in Iligan Springs

(December 20, 2010)

I am always a fan of sneaking out, and usually, when I travel or go to different places neither of my parents would know about it, they would just know about it when I’m already back home, after I have told them of my awesome experiences from that certain trip.

Here’s one of those get-away trips I had two years ago.

It was Christmas break that time and together with my high school friends, we planned on going to Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon before hitting home for Christmas vacation. Everything seemed perfect as planned until came December 19, 2010 when majority of my friends decided not to push through because of unsure means of transportation. I can certainly recall how disappointed I was back then because I have been looking forward for this trip, more so, I was so excited to try the longest zip-line then of Asia.

As an alternative, Elaine (a friend who studies in MSU-Iligan) suggested to go swimming at Iligan instead of going to Bukidnon. Everyone agreed but I had reservations, at the back of my mind, I was already expecting that I would not enjoy swimming since the activity is just very common; it would not make you hype or raise your adrenaline. So my “yes” that time was half-baked.

But I was wrong. I didn’t expect that the day would turn out to be very fun and memorable one.

From Cagayan de Oro where Ivy (a friend who studies in Xavier University-CDO) is staying and where we slept the night prior, we hailed a bus going to Iligan, and since the trip would take for about 2 hours, we made it sure that we would go there early so that we would have much longer time to enjoy swimming.

After arriving in Iligan, we rode in a jeep, their main PUV, going to Elaine’s boarding house to leave our stuff there. Afterwhich, we went to Iligan’s downtown to buy some food because we already anticipated that the food inside the resort is doubled or even tripled in price.

Just when we’re all packed and ready to go to the resort, a major problem greeted us, there was no jeepney that would bring us to the resort unless we will pay the entire seating capacity of the jeep, or “pakyaw” in vernacular. The taxi was way too expensive also, so it left us with no choice but to get a jeepney in a “pakyaw” system.

While riding in a "pakyaw" jeep.

Although expensive it brought us to the resort only in a short while because it didn’t have to pick other passengers. Usually the commuting time would take at about 20 minutes.

You would know you’re already in Timoga because you would find many resorts standing side by side. The water flowing in the resorts comes from one source- the mountain springs of Iligan.

We chose De La Mar Resort.

De La Mar Resort

De La Mar resort collects P50.00 for entrance fee and the depending on what type and what size of cottage will you get, the price ranges from P150-300.00. We chose to rent only a table which amounted to P75.00.

Olympic-sized swimming pool

De La Mar resort has many pools that would cater all people, of all ages, in fact, they are, in terms of size, the largest among the resorts in Timoga but the main attraction is their Olympic-sized swimming pool which is 16 feet deep that has a diving board. Childrens are not allowed to swim there.

Swimming pool for kids
Playing in the slide of the swimming pool for kids

The swimming pool for the kids has slides that not only kids enjoy, but adults too!

If you walk past the pools, you would see a grotto of the Virgin Mary, beside it is a playground.

Cottages surrounding the pools

Cottages are found surrounding the pool, and the tables are housed in a big open building beside the Olympic-sized pool.

There’s a stand by life guard in the resort just in case someone’s, god forbid, drowning.

We spent almost half day swimming in the pool, and yes, I was slowly taking back what I earlier thought for I was really enjoying.  Although there were a lot of people, and yes, it might be that I got a bit scared thinking of the disease I might contract from sharing a pool with a lot of people, I didn’t let those reservations get the better of me.

P.S. (Thanks Ivy for the pictures)


Summary of expenses and how to get there:

  • From Pagadian to Iligan- Php250.00
  • From Cagayan de Oro city ride a bus at Bulua Terminal – Php150.00
  • From Iligan IBJT (Integrated Bus Terminal) ride a jeep going to the city center Php7.00
  • From the city center ride a jeep going to Timoga Php20.00
  • Entrance fee of Php50.00
  • Table fee of Php75.00
  • Food budget (Your discretion already)
  • Timoga to city center Php20.00
  • City center to Iligan IBJT- Php7.00
  • Iligan IBJT to CDO- Php150.00
  • Iligan IBJT to Pagadian- Php250.00

From Cagayan de Oro total (roundtrip but not discounted fares and entrance fee): Php 479.00

From Pagadian total (roundtrip but not discounted fares and entrance fee) Php659.00


4 thoughts on “Swimming in Iligan Springs

    1. Hahaha. Yes I did have fun. I used to sneak out because I know they would not allow me although I’ve been traveling alone for quite some time already. However, just lately, I noticed that my parents are not as strict as they were before, if the place that I’m going to is a safe one, they would nod but if it’s not, or if they think I can’t manage traveling to that place, they would say no or have reservations.

      Thanks maam for reading!

    1. True that, the initial reaction of my parents would be: “Dun ka pala galing? Ba’t di mo sinabi?”, I just change the topic to evade the question. Hahahah. But one time, I got caught by my mom while I was in Bacolod, she said she won’t get angry if I bring her some piaya. So i did bring her some. 🙂

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