Believe in yourself, and wear sunscreen!

Screenshot of my article.

It is almost every blogger’s dream to have his or her work reprinted, published, or featured in other media- be it in a website, blog, or even in the print medium and each blogger knows for a fact that achieving that dream is hard, especially when there are millions of other better blogs out there.

I have met people who constantly had their write ups published elsewhere and I have met people who have been blogging or writing for a couple of years already, yet not a single write up in their portfolio had been published. Truly, it takes one great idea, one great+unique write up, to have it published.

Last January, I tried my luck in writing for the local travel website, and to be honest, never did I raise my hopes about it because I have thought that my article, substance-wise, may not be good enough to satisfy the tastes and the standards of the website. After all, some of the best writers in the nation are contributing there, such as Anna Oposa, and Nikka Sarthou. It never occurred to me that my skills would be at par with those frequent contributors/organizers of the website, never, not even now.

It came to me as a surprise when the organizers, through an email, told me that they were interested in publishing my work. I was in great shock and surprise that time. For one, because I did not expect them to appreciate my work, and for two, because it has always been my dream to have my work published elsewhere.  Just imagine the “Are you freakin’ kidding me??” face I got after receiving the good news.

Few weeks came and went, and I didn’t here anything from my editor, so I took it as they are no longer interested in my article. Just last week, as of this writing, my editor sent me an email regarding some revisions in my article. To my surprise, majority, if not, all of the corrections there were punctuation marks, either misplaced, or forgotten, and nothing much about the grammar. She has also requested me to make a closing, catchy conclusion of the article and add a biography about myself to be added in their contributor’s page.

The greatest part, last Thursday, February 2, my article was out in the net.

My bio in the contributor's page.

Indeed, it is very humbling, especially for a budding writer like me, to have my work published elsewhere. I know, to some experienced blogger, this may be a small thing, maybe because they already had their articles published in other sites, or maybe even more than that, their works may have been printed in a magazine. What I do know though, is that when you had your first article republished, it was an awesome feeling.

For budding bloggers other there, never give up on that dream to have your work published elsewhere. It may not come now, or tomorrow, who knows, when you just try harder, the opportunity will come next week or even next month. I have been told once, “Your dreams come true when you act to turn them into realities”. So let’s act on our dreams and turn them into realities by never giving up on writing, and believing in youself.

You can visit my Pagadian article at: Experience Pagadian in 2012 in 12 Awesome Ways.

I’m leaving you with a motivational speech although this talks about life in general:



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