Day tour at Fort San Pedro

Throughout my three years of stay here in Cebu, and my frequent visit at Pier 1, I have never really tried going or getting inside the adjacent plaza, Fort San Pedro. For one, in the previous years, it has been under renovation and was just opened recently, like last year, and for two, I’m too tired to go since I’m still not familiar with the routes of the jeep, which one to to take me there, and which one I should take to get back home.

So yesterday, after going to MV Logos Hope I asked Abby that we would tour around Fort San Pedro to see what really is inside those thick walls.

Before getting inside the fort, I made it a point to take picture in the Malacañang sa Sugbu. 

Fort San Pedro was then a military defense structure built by Cebuano labourers during the occupancy of the Spaniards here in the Philippines. The groundbreaking starting sometime around circa 1535 thus you can see in the entrance the year 1535. This was built as a defense against the muslim raiders, and this was the first building served as the first nucleus of the Spanish occupation here in the Philippines, as stated in Wikipedia.

Fort’s Entrance

Visitors, Filipinos and foreigns alike, are to pay entrance fees in Fort San Pedro, the following are the entrance fees and some rules when inside the fort.

Antiquities found in the Fort

House in a museum inside the fort, people can look back at Cebu/Philippine’s history through the antiquities displayed in the museum.

Spanish flag during the Battle of Manila Bay

Weapons used by Katipuneros

Nuestra Señora de la Cotta (Virgin of Remedies)

Adjacent to the museum is a well called Pozzo de la Virgen of the Virgin of Remedies.

Sto. Niños all over the world

Above the museum houses a roomful of Sto. Niños from all over the world. Indeed, you can see the great devotion of Cebuanos to Sto Niños merely by looking at this collection of statues.

More of Fort San Pedro


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