Pagadian National Airport

Photo courtesy of Skyscraper Forum

After the Pagadian City National Airport underwent a major rehabilitation and renovation, it was then formally inaugurated last October 9, 2009. Following that, maiden flights of Cebu Pacific from Cebu City last April 10,2010 and Manila City last June 9, 2010 signified that the airport is back and ready to serve for commercial purposes after how many years of being stagnant and idle due to inability to keep up with the demands of a longer runway and wider tarmac.

The airport is located at Barangay Muricay, Pagadian City and is approximately 8 kilometers away from the heart of the city.

Up to date Pagadian Airport is being served by Cebu Pacific and another airline company, AirPhil Express is set to have its maiden flight to Manila on January 31, 2012 and Cebu on February 9, 2012. It’s classified as a Major Domestic Airport by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

 Aerial View

Because of the widening and stretching of Pagadian’s runway, it is now capable to serve A320 aircrafts. Photo courtesy of Skyscraper Forum


Airport’s tarmac with an aircraft of a major airline parked. Photo courtesy of Skyscraper Forum

Photo courtesy of Skyscraper Forum

ATR Plane parked at the tarmac. Photo courtesy of Skyscraper Forum

Arrival Area 

Alongside of the pre-departure area is the arrival area of the airport. As of this writing baggages are manually taken for there is no available baggage carousel/conveyor belt. Photo courtesy of Skyscraper Forum

Pre-Departure Area

Photo courtesy of Skyscraper Forum

Photo courtesy of Skyscraper Forum

Airport’s Entrance

Photo courtesy of Skyscraper Forum

Getting in and out of Pagadian National Airport

1. Tricycles– The only way to get in and out of the airport if you don’t have a private vehicle is by tricycles. Some tricycle drivers would ask in as much as Php150.00 up to the city center so it’s best, if you don’t have many luggages with you, not to get into a tricycle alone. Prices for trike trips go between Php80.00-Php120.00 depending on the distance.


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