Ilo-ilo International Airport

After getting off from my flight to Ilo-ilo last December 2011, awe and amazement, awemazement for short, blanketed me. As I was looking at the  airport building, I couldn’t help but ask myself, “am I really in Ilo-ilo or am I in Manila?”. Truly, it is one of the best aiports you can see outside Metro Manila and there is no exaggeration to that.

Located approximately 20 kilometers from the heart of Ilo-ilo city, and in between the municipalities of Cabatuan and Sta. Barbara.  The Ilo-ilo Airport started serving Ilonggos last June 13 2007, leaving the old Mandurriao Aiport decommissioned because it could no longer keep up with the demands of new building and increasing number of tourists leaving in and out of Iloilo province.

It is said to be of international standards but as of the moment, no international flight is catering the airport.


The airport runway is long as it is of international standard, and the tarmac can accommodate at least 3 parked aircrafts. 

Airport Building

Similar to Bacolod, Cebu, and NAIA, the Iloilo airport has a huge signage in its main building. 

A large tarpaulin courtesy of a mobile company would welcome you to Ilo-ilo airport. 

Arrival Area

Arrival area of the Iloilo airport.


 360 degrees view of the arrival area. It has 2 baggage carousels/conveyor belt that serves the 3 airline companies. 

Pre-Departure Area

Courtesy of Habagat Central

Courtesy of The Poor Traveler

Getting in and out of the Ilo-ilo International Airport

1. Via TaxiAs of this posting, the following are the rates if you hail a taxi cab from Iloilo Airport. 

2. Via Shuttle Cabs– Many shuttle companies are servicing the airport as soon as you get out of the airport building. They have a minimum fare of Php50.00 if you are coming from the airport. You can ask the driver if you wanted to be dropped at SM Jaro, Molo Plaza or SM City Iloilo.

From SM City Iloilo, shuttle services are asking Php70.00 for fare and they would leave 2 hours prior to the scheduled flights of the passengers.

3. Via Jeepneys– This is a long route. You can take the Multicabs located at the Dama Junction to the airport and they would ask you Php10.00 for fare. Still at the Dama Junction, you can go to the city proper in a jeep because there are already many jeepneys passing by there and they will ask you at about Php15-20.00.


What say you?

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