Cebu carnival experience

(January 22,2012)

When I was on my way to Cadiz City last week, I couldn’t help but notice the amusement park near the Cebu Doctors’ University in Mandaue. Prior to that, I’ve seen pictures posted in Facebook of friends and some acquaintances who had tried the rides there in the carnival, and so I made it a point that when I get back to Cebu, I would try to invite my friends that we’d try the carnival, but I forgot about it.

Good thing, yesterday, my friends invited me for a night out. But prior to grabbing drinks, we tried and experienced the rides at the St. James Carnival. (Yes, just like the brand of the mineral water).

St. James carnival has been there since December of last year and will be up to the 30th of this month.

It has 5 major rides that people can enjoy, and it also has indoor game booths like shooting alley, and all. The entrance fee to the carnival is Php50.00 and theirs is of “token” basis. Each ride would cost you 2 tokens at Php35.00 per token. You may also opt unlimited day-pass that would cost you Php300.00 excluding the entrance fee but the unlimited day pass would already allow you to experience the rides for unlimited times till you get dizzy and throw up. Hehehehe.

The 5 major rides that you can find there are the (I really don’t know how it’s called so I’d name it just how it’s called in Enchanted Kingdom, LOL) Flying fiesta, bump cars, anchor’s away/sea dragon, Jetplane, and one that is for kids.

You can also find food booths inside and a large stage where they would play movies and special presentations just like in Enchanted Kingdom or Star City.

The carnival would open at 2:00 pm until midnight and will be until January 30.


What say you?

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