“It’s the Economy, Student”. GMA schools Pnoy and what I think of it.

Last week, the Philippine Social Media was abuzz with rumors that the former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is going to release a paper which netizens called as “CGMA Paper”. I didn’t know until Paolo Bediones, a media practitioner from TV 5 confirmed through tweeting that the paper is in the works and will be released on January 12, 2012.

Today, at about 2 in the afternoon, then President GMA, released the CGMA Paper entitled, “It’s the Economy, Student!”, thru Arroyo’s former professor from Ateneo de Manila, Dr. Gonzalo Jurado.

My personal view:

While I was back reading some tweets, I’ve read that this “CGMA Paper” is not really about giving her commentaries and observation on how the current Pnoy administration is handling the government, but, this paper is CGMA’s way to vent out dissenting views about the economy and give unsolicited advice to the current administration. One tweet even said, when the paper gets out, it would surely hit where the government is hurting.

After reading the 9 page paper, I can say that it truly would hurt the government, hurt in a way that it stated the obvious what the government has perhaps neglected, or given insufficient actions and solutions. Problems such as slow economic progress, worsening poverty, increasing prices of commodities, among others, are just some of the many that people has been expecting the current administration would solve but turns out that after a year and a half reign, only few of these problems were solved.

We cannot deny that no matter how much vilification has been thrown against CGMA, no matter how raged Filipinos are to her, no matter how much some people have been trying to mess her name by relentless accusations, we are indebted to her, if not her economic policies, because we were able to weather the worldwide recession, the worst since 1930. Can you ever imagine if Philippines was not able to dodge it? If USA has been seriously hurt by it, how much worse would the pain be for the Philippines?

In fairness to GMA, for those 9 years she has served the Filipino people, I’ve seen how much Philippines has improved from 2001 to 2010. I was 9 years old then when she first served as the country’s president. Improvements were tangible especially in the infrastructure sector, transportation sector, among others. Hopefully in the next 5 years I would see more improvements as well, not budget cuts, underspending, and boy, no more media appearances-slash-popularity building please? Just simply walk the talk.

Here are some of the strong points I have quoted from what is termed to be the “CGMA PAPER”:

  • “No amount of black propaganda can erase the tangible improvements enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of families liberated from want during my decade at the helm of the nation. But these accomplishments have simply been part of the continuum of history. The gains I achieved were built on the efforts of previous leaders. Each successive government must build on the successes and progress of the previous one: advance the programs that work, leave behind those that don’t.”
  •  “The enemy to beat is ourselves: when we spread division rather than unity; when we put ego above country and sensationalism above rationality; when we make everyday politics replace long term vision in our country’s hour of need.”
  • “‘Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.’ If there is no corruption, there is no poverty- this is a proposition that also tells us that the undeniable persistence of poverty to this day therefore means the continuation of corruption under this Administration. “
  • “My successor flattered me by parroting what I said, but tried to frustrate me by distorting what I did. “
  • “It’s so easy to claim achievements that have already been accomplished by others and take credit for what is there when the one who did the work was gone. Just make sure she is forgotten, or, if remembered, vilified.”
  •  “Of course it is the landowners who must set the example of compliance with the law in order to allow the rest of us to move forward.”
  • “The problems of the poor are serious indeed, and they deserve serious thinking and serious solutions-not empty slogans, not the bloating of the cash transfer program for patently political ends, and certainly not the inability of this administration to keep the price of rice affordable or create more jobs by continuing the growth agenda. “
  • “Good management begins with planning ahead, not pointing fingers and blaming others after the fact. “
  • “Neither the President nor anyone else can truly expect to govern the next five years with nothing but a sorry mix of vilification, periodically recycled promises of action followed by lethargy, backed up by few if any results and presumptuously encouraging gossip about one’s love life in which no one can possibly be interested. “

To Pnoy and the current administration, I take the parting words of CGMA paper:

People deserve more, and better, from you.

(You may download the pdf file of the complete CGMA paper below)



9 thoughts on ““It’s the Economy, Student”. GMA schools Pnoy and what I think of it.

  1. sana mas dumami pa ang katulad nyo para kahit papano namumulat ang mata namin sa tunay na nangyayari sa gobyerno natin ngayon. i agree with you. sana umayos na gobyerno natin.

    1. Maraming salamat sa pagbabasa! Tunay ngang dapat na tayong mamulat. Di naman sa sinasabi nating walang ginagawa ang gobyerno, meron naman, pero sadya lang na minsan ay nagiging “idealistic” ang ibang kababayan natin na hindin na nila masabing ang nakikita nila ay realistic ba o hindi although we give credit to the government that they have been giving effort in trying to change the government.

      1. i agree. The government must look into the main reason why the Philippines is poor. Then do something to solve it religiously….most of them “ay mabuti lang sa umpisa”

  2. hello anjo,

    am marivic, working at a diplomatic mission, we are task to report on this and thanks…you saved my life whewww…keep it up young man

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