Never Complain

-James Annjo Salomon

In life, people don’t get contented
Always do we ask more of what we wanted
We think that everything is not enough
Then easily complain in just a puff

In this composition do I want to say
What we sometimes neglect to weigh
From our parents to little things
Hoping it would give a tinge.

Parents nurture, guide, and protect their children
They make it so our paths will straighten
But we disobey, and ask them why
We think they are giving us tons of plight

We ask God, “why them”?
We think of mom and dad as life’s burden
We forget to appreciate
Now let’s change before it’s too late

Friends come and go, they say
We overlooked the true ones and went with the fakes
When situations become unfathomable
They went away just like a bubble

While our true friends,
Few as they are
Stood beside us in the bench
Silently showing that they care

(School’s Challenges)
In school, when hardships come
We sometimes give up and think we’re dumb
But have we ever thought of those unfortunate ones
That going to school is just but a dream they always want?

(Emotional State)
We looked around and see lovers under the tree
We asked, “Why is there none for me?”
We forgot to thank, for this state is a blessing
Opposed to others out there whose hearts are hurting

We sometimes become a traveler
Been to places others are unaware
That privilege of traveling we fail to thank
While complaining, we can still make

We should now start appreciating places
As it’s part of God’s graces
Learn and be grateful of one’s own
And love the beauty it has shown

“Money is never a best friend of man”
Told once by a wise man
It was already a red flag for us
And inculcating it to ourselves is a must

Yet, we disregard and overspend
Making each of our budget’s bend
We even ask for more
And get angered when parents say no more

Now must we compel
While everything is still well
Teach our self: if there is a penny saved
There is a penny earned

(Giving up)
Lastly, when life becomes so mystifying
And all we could ever wish for is dying
As if there’s no more place of hope
And life becomes difficult to cope

Think of those young ones
Who were deprived of the chance
Not being able to understand
What life would be on where you currently stand

They were never able to appreciate the beauty around you
I bet they would have wanted to experience life too.
But circumstances have disallowed them
To have a longer stay in the realm

Now would we still complain?
For reasons that are so vain
Let’s try to live life in content
With undying happiness in our intent.


What say you?

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