Revisiting New Washington

(December 20,2011)

After our short trip to Boracay, I went to revisit New Washington, Aklan together with Rezzmah and Krizel as we were taking a landtrip from Boracay to Pagadian City. New Washington, Aklan, tagged as “The Bountiful” municipality, is just 1-2 hour ride from Caticlan depending on your mode of transportation. Upon arriving in Aklan, we took the multicab that goes to New Washington, a 15 to 30 minute ride from Aklan.

Just briefly, I was able to visit New Washington, Aklan when I participated the 2009 National Youth Science Technology and Environmental Summer Camp hosted by the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs Inc. When I was finalizing the itinerary of our trip in Boracay, I made sure that upon going home, we would be able to pass by New Washington.

Sampaguita Gardens

The resort map.

The main attraction of New Washington, Aklan is the Sampaguita Gardens Resort that houses thousands, if not, millions of precious moments dolls. It is also where 4 years ago, the camp that I participated was held. I noticed there were a lot that has changed. There was no more ferris wheel, no more aquarium, and it was more peaceful this time. An entrance fee of Php50.00 is collected but it is consumable, not only in the coffee shop can you use your ticket but also in some areas that require you to pay entrance fee. So here’s some of the pictures we had in the resort.

Life size Precious Moments statue

Jojo’s Christmas Cottage

Noy’s Yellow Army, the Precious Moments Doll edition

Life size Christmas Belen

Christmas Tree by the Beach

Turtles, Precious Moments version

We also visited Mr. Butcher’s (the owner of the place) mansion. It housed the personal collections of Mr. Butcher, from dolls, to mannequins, to figurines, statues and etc. I was amazed on how it almost did not have any change at all comparing it to 4 years ago. It was still the same house.

Mr. Butcher’s Mansion

Jaime Cardinal Sin

Cardinal Sin of the Philippines was born in New Washington, Aklan. I remember before, I was able to see his statue but not able to take a picture of it, this time, I made it sure to have a picture of the statue.

Statue of Cardinal Sin in the Plaza of New Washington


I forgot the name of the cathedral of New Washington but I also took a pic of it, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get inside because we already were in a hurry to catch a trip to Iloilo from Aklan.

The Cathedral fronting Cardinal Sin’s statue

Indeed, my revisit to New Washington was a fun one. I was able to tour around Sampaguita Gardens with less people around, able to appreciate more the beauty of it. Sampaguita Gardens will always be one of the greatest resorts in the Philippines because of its creative concept that surely attracts many visitors.


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