We’ve met again, Boracay.

(December 18-19, 2011)

I remember it was 4 years ago when I last set foot in what is considered to be the finest beach in the Philippines. Back then, we only had 8 hours to enjoythe island but this time, we had 2 days to enjoy it.

Before hitting to Boracay, we were able to tour around Iloilo City. Around 4 am on December 18, we hopped in a van ride from Iloilo to Caticlan. It took us around 4 hours to reach Caticlan while it would take us around 6-7 hours if we had taken a bus ride.

Around 8 am that was when we finally had a glimpse of Caticlan Jetty Port, a place where you can say that you really are just near Boracay Island. Though tiring, we still had the time to have some photo opps.

Outside Caticlan Jetty Port

Inside Caticlan Jetty Port

Day 1

Our day one was spent more on exploring the island. Though it didn’t look foreign to me I was still excited toexplore the island and compare how it looks now to how it was before. Morning was spent on photo opps with the white sand shore and crystal clear waters, while afternoon was spent swimming near the grotto in Station 1. We also managed to taste the “most delicious” fruitshake in Boracay, the Jonah’s Fruitshakes.

Of course, forget not the jump shots along the sand.

Friends goofing out. 

As my classmate said, you’re Boracay experience is never complete unless you take a picture with the Grotto.

The famous Jonah’s Fruitshakes. 

Day 2

After waking up early, Joemar, Rezzmah, Krizel and I embarked into different water activities. We first had island hopping where we enjoyed snorkeling and feeding the fishes. Between the island hopping experience, we took sometime eating in a grill resto near Boracay Shangrila. We even jokingly tweeted that we were eating in Boracay Shangrila, beside Boracay Shangrila.

Snorkeling during one stop overs of our island hopping.

The Boracay Shangrila

After the island hopping, we then had helmet diving. The helmet diving was the best experience of that day, disregarding the fact that we had to carry 35 kilos of helmet if above sea, but below, would it become 3 kilos, thanks to buoyancy.

Afternoon came and it was our last afternoon in Boracay, we spent it looking for the cheap carenderia around Station 3 which permitted us to successfully walk the whole stretch of Stations 1-3. After having a heavy meal at a cheap price, we went back to Station 1 to get the pictures from the helmet diving. We ended the afternoon in a paraw ride where a lot of unexpected things happened.

Cheapest foodshop in Boracay found at the end of Station 3. 

Paraw ride. 

To formally end the night, we ate our dinner at a cheap resto along D’mall but the food was satisfying. It was at Smoke’s where they have a wide variety of food be it grilled or not, sizzling or not, seafood or not. After taking our dinner, our girl companions went to have henna tattoos while I, Krizel and Joemar, drank Pat’s Tower that made us a bit tipsy that night.

Pat’s Tower. 

I really enjoyed the 2-day experience in Boracay that I had this year. It was far way better that 4 years ago. I really would want to back to the island and try the other activities I haven’t tried. Boracay, for me, will always be one of my favorites.


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