Ilo-ilo in less than a day.

(December 17, 2011)

When we decided to take a small get-away to Boracay, we took the road less traveled. I and my friends decided to take the much longer and exhausting Ilo-ilo-Caticlan trip than the straight to Caticlan trip which is usually taken by tourists. With Rezzmah and Krizel, we braced ourselves for an “Experience Iloilo for a Day” adventure.

I arrived around 2 pm in Iloilo and went directly to SM. There I was met by Raul and he brought me to Deco’s to experience the true “La Paz” batchoy after asking for one. Just beside SM Iloilo is Plazazuela de Iloilo where there is one branch of Deco’s. It was really way different from the batchoys I had tasted before. One noticeable thing in their batchoy is that they have in it thin slices of pork liver.

Deco’s La Paz Batchoy

Unfortunately, around 4 pm that day, I received a BBM message from Krizel that Zest Air had announced that their flight will be delayed for that day and it was still uncertain as to when will it push through. To get rid of boredom, Raul took me to a tour around SM City Iloilo and then watched Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol.

Exactly 3 hours of waiting, we finally met with Krizel and Rezzmah. We then went to Raul’s placeto leave our stuff and went directly to Afrique’s to have our dinner.

We chose the Afrique’s branch in Smallville. The restaurant presented a wide array of Italian food which has proven their claim that they are indeed an Italian restaurant. We ordered 4 dishes enough to fill our stomachs and to our surprise their servings are really large that you can really say that it’s worth spending for.

After eating at Afrique’s we decided to hang-out around Smallville. Smallville has a lot of places to go to should you want to night-out, have a coffee-break, party, eat and all. As for us, we ended the night listening to an acoustic band in Pirate’s with a bottle of drink to complement.

Around 2 am the following day, we left for Caticlan, Aklan.


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