Cadiz, not Capiz. :D

Whenever I tell people that I recently went to Cadiz, what comes into their minds is a different place, an island apart from where I actually went, Capiz. To people who doesn’t know much about the geography of Region VI they would think that Capiz and Cadiz are two same places, they would even think they had mispronounced the third letter “d” to “p” or the other way around.

But no, Cadiz and Capiz are two different places, they are even far from each other that they are separated by a water body. While Cadiz is a city and is in Negros Occidental, Capiz on the other hand is in the Panay Island and is a province. So the two really are not the same.

Since childhood up to this writing, our family keeps on going almost yearly to this humble place, who wouldn’t if it is the hometown of your mom right? 

Cadiz City, is a 2nd class city located north of Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental. It boasts its wide agricultural land because a portion of it is surrounded by land and abundant marine products that are even exported to Cebu City because the other portion is surrounded by the sea.


One favorite of mine in their wide array of marine products is the fish tocino. It doesn’t go absent in every meal that we have whenever we’re in town, though it’s a bit thorny because of the bones of the fish, it’s still delicious.

I have always considered Cadiz as my second hometown, next to Pagadian. I always look forward to going there each year because visiting family and staying in a not-so-crowded/polluted/noisy place is somewhat enjoying and relaxing.

Cadiz is accessible anywhere. You can take bus from Bacolod which can take you anhour and a half time of travel. If you’re coming from Cebu, you may take the Cebu-Toledo-San Carlos-Cadiz route or the Cebu-Tabuelan-Escalante-Cadiz route or even take the via Dumaguete route which can be too far anymore.

Throughout the years that I have been visiting this humble place, I have, in a bit, seen the growth of this city. Case in point are the fast food shops, if before, we were necessitated to go to Bacolod just to eat Jollibee, Mang Inasal or the famous Chicken Inasal, now they already have their own respective branches that serve the Cadiznon people.

The famous attraction that people and tourist frequent is the Children’s Park. You’ll know right then and there that you already are in the children’s park when you see the Lion’s head in the gate of the park.

Another is their own City Hall. The last time I was there, it was under construction, but infront of it can you find a fountain and their very own plaza where barbecue stalls are put up every night. In fact, in one dinner I had there, for the first time in my life had I tasted barbecued “pig ears”.

As for the people, Cadiznon are one of the friendliest you can meet, or at least most od us ilonggos are, notwithstanding to what some people are saying that we’re arrogant or whatnot. Almost all of them are approachable, well at least not those suspect looking and you can always start a conversation with them.

I’d end this post in giving you two “fun facts” about Cadiz:

First, according to my mom, Cadiz is called the city of whales because there was once a time that whales were seen in the shores of Cadiz.

Second, they celebrate every January the Dinagsa Festival, which is somewhat similar to the Ati-atihan of Kalibo Aklan. 😀


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