Why Hello Tagaytay?

A day after going to Baguio, the family went to Tagaytay City. (see: Baguio City)

Ever since, I’ve always wished to go there because like what other people are saying, Tagaytay is a cool place to visit, it has good sceneries (taking credit to Taal Volcano) and it has a cold temperature as well. 

We left Manila at around 1 pm and there was no traffic via SLEX maybe because almost all of the people were province-bound because All Saints Day is approaching.

We arrived at Tagaytay around 2 pm and went immediately at Picnic Grove. I didn’t expect that there was such a swarm of people in there and more so I didn’t expect that the weather or the temperature would make us suffer. It was so hot that time, so hot that it made me question where the cold temperature those people were telling me back then?

Because the view didn’t amuse me and my family, we decided to take a lunch instead at Alamat Restaurant just inside the Picnic Grove Complex.

Courtesy: http://taraletseat.blogspot.com/2010/12/alamat-restaurant-tagaytay-picnic-grove.html

We had a good bilao meal but the service was too slow and I didn’t mind complaining anymore because I was too hungry then.

After which, we just went taking pictures and a little bit roaming around the picnic grove just to see what it really is.

The driver of the van initially insisted that we would roam around Tagaytay for awhile but I declined and told him that we’d go directly to Enchanted Kingdom instead.

On the lighter note, before we left Picnic Grove at around 5 pm then, the breeze of air was starting to cool down, but since we’re running out of time, we decided to leave.


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