A serene islet named Pandanon

Originally posted at my other blog circa 2010. Press here

I never had expected in my whole life that I’ll get to visit a virgin, serene and enchanting islet. While many if not most of the islands, beach islands, in the Philippines have been abused and neglected already by their constituents and visitors, it makes me happy to know that at least there’s one certain islet ,I am sure of, that is off the record when it comes to degradation due to abuse and neglect of the visitors and constituents. What I am talking about is the Pandanon island.

An hour pump boat ride from the wharf of Punta Engano in Mactan will bring you to the marvelous islet of Pandanon, which is under the jurisdiction of Bohol Province. It is not as developed as Boracay or Puerto Princesa but one can see things that can be seen in aforementioned beaches. The white sand. The warm people. The tranquil ambience. Everything will put you in awe because you’ll get what you want from a beach here. If you’re adventurous also, you can rent jetskis from Lapu Lapu and drive the wave from Lapu Lapu to Pandanon.

I went there today together with some relatives and friends and the escapade to Pandanon Islet was such awesome. I enjoyed especially that I got the chance to swim in a beach, a white sand, after such a long time. Despite having near death experience by having muscle cramps in the middle of the deep part of the sea, it did not bothered me to enjoy my short stay there more. We also had met a new friend Jon Whitton, the IT manager from Cathay Pacific Hong Kong who was also a first-timer in Pandanon just like us and undeniably, our impressions about Pandanon coincided.

I may have gotten tired after the escapade but it was all worth it because I have once again seen and appreciated a little wonder from this very nation of us and it has reminded me once again to appreciate little things, for in little things come big things. And big things may include big happiness, big delight, etc.

Thank you islet of Pandanon, Getafe, Bohol! Till I see you again. :)


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