Back to reality.

AWESOME is the best word that describes my last semestral break. And because of it’s awesomeness, I can hardly think of ways how I shall be putting all the meat into one sandwich, into a single blog entry.

I shall start by apologizing for having not written in the past weeks, I admit I have been busy and laziness has taken its toll on me. And yes, I know that this blog entry came a bit late for publishing, but as they say, better late than never!

I spent my break, the longest that I had since I have gone to college, in a total of 8 places! Yes, you’ve read it right, 8 places. And you may be wondering how on earth was that possible, simply, in some of those places I did stay long, and in some of those I didn’t.

Pagadian will always be in the bucket list of the places you can find me going whenever vacation time comes because no there can be no other place like home. After wrapping it up here in Cebu, academics requirements and all, I immediately went home to Pagadian. Like I have mentioned in the past entry that I had, there’s nothing much in Pagadian to look forward to, except for the Fountain and all which I am not really interested about. So my stay there in Pagadian was a quick one. About 4 days but in all of those 4 days, I can say that I really enjoyed it. I went to a birthday party with some elementary classmates that gave us the time for catching up.

Then I was able to attend a concert of the Roxy Band and witness an act of a nationally known comedian Norman Mitchell that turned out to be a sleep over event. We were one of the first people who had the privilege of using the “loft-type” rooms of the newest, the cleanest, and the tallest hotel in Region IX, the Mardale Hotel and Convention Center.

The Roxy Band on stage.
Photo Opp with Norman Mitchell.

Prior to my departure back to Cebu, I attended a gathering hosted by one of my close friends, Michelle. In her house, we did a lot of things, or at least for me, I did a lot of sleeping while they were enjoying playing darts and God knows what.


The trip going to Manila was very spontaneous and we didn’t see it coming. But it gave us an opportunity, as a family, to enjoy the break. It gave us also the chance to visit our recuperating grandma who was just then recently discharged after having been staying in the hospital for a week or so. Throughout my sembreak, I stayed in Manila the longest.

I can say that the Manila trip is the most unforgettable that I had in the sembreak because for one,

I was able to attend the simple yet joyous celebration of my grandma’s 78th birthday. We are all thankful that despite what she has been experiencing lately, the good Almighty Father has always been there to guide and protect her.

Happy 78th Birthday Mommyla!
The whole gang!
Another pose!

and for two, I was able to bond with my cousins, not to mention those I haven’t seen for the longest time. Every day is so full of bonding, of catching ups, catching ups for those moments and times that we unfortunately haven’t seen or bonded. We went to the moviehouse and watched Praybeyt Benjamin. Played in an arcade where I bested all of them in a Dance Revolution game. Every moment seemed like we all went back to our youngster days when all we had to do was to play, talk, chat, giggle, and laugh. Truly, blood is thicker than water.

Funny faces with Ioan and Miggy.
Photo opp before Praybeyt Benjamin!
Focus..concentration..moves like jagger. All of those, for you to win!
Busy checking some news about the release of grades. LOL


Manila, because of it being located almost at the center of everything, is very accessible especially to tourist destinations where you would want to go. And we took advantage of its accessibility. The family decided to go for a one-day tour around Baguio City including a side trip to Benguet to see the strawberry farm. For future travelers to Baguio, one thing I can say is never go for a day trip only, it would never be enough.

We arrived in Baguio at around 8 am after having left Manila at around 3 am. Although it was a tiring trip, the temperature itself is comforting and shrugs all the discomfort off. It was my 2nd time to go to Baguio yet the city has maintained its welcoming atmosphere. Many may have changed around the city, yet, it still has this “something” in it that has not changed at all. We went around to famous spots like the Camp John Hay, Mines View, Lion’s Head, The Mansion, Wright Park and of course the Burnham Park.

The Igorot at the Camp John Hay!


We also did a side trip in Benguet and for all we know, there’s no strawberry because it’s not yet the season of it. The good side though is that I was able to taste how good the local Strawberry ice cream is in Benguet, tastes like the commercial ones and you can’t barely tell the difference between the commercial one. Their strawberry pinipig tastes good also!

Unfortunately, no strawberries for me!

TARLAC…the TACSIYAPO experience.

After roaming around the Cordillera, we decided to have a pit stop. We took our dinner in the famous ISDAAN Restaurant in Tarlac. It became famous not only because of the good interiors of the restaurant which has floating cottages above a man made fish pond, it also has a TACSIYAPO wall, where you can release all the tension and anger you’re feeling whether at someone or something, by throwing at the wall. Be it a mug, plate, clock or even a television. The food there was two thumbs up and it was not only a gastronomy-satisfying experience, it was also a stress-relieving one after having experienced throwing at the TACSIYAPO wall.



With the Taal Volcano.

A day after going to Baguio, we went to Tagaytay City only to find disappointment. I was expecting so much in Tagaytay but it turns out to be something I least expected. It was hot, it was crowded, and there’s less activity you can do there.


Net found picture.

Because of our great disappointment, we just got off Tagaytay and went to Enchanted Kingdom. Good thing I enjoyed it there. Tried many rides including my favorites which are Space Shuttle Max and the Ekstreme Ride.  It was a good way to spend the Halloween. Everything ended in a marvelous fireworks display which delighted our eyes. We went back to Manila, bumped into Toni Gonzaga and her sister while on our way in a restaurant in Bonifacio Global City.

Net found picture.


With my remaining days in Manila before leaving back for Cebu, I managed to spend it with some high school friends who did not go home for the semestral break. I was able to meet with Ayana, Rezzmah, Joemar and Earl and we played Laser Tag  where I ended up in second place, beginner’s luck I suppose. On the not lighter side, the game gave me an intense muscle sore, which was the cause why I was brought to the clinic of the LRT station after tripping off right at the center of LRT Cubao Station. Humiliating that was but good thing the first aiders and the policemen were very quick.

Photo opp before engaging into the battle.

After playing laser tag, I, Ayana and Rezz went to see The Three Musketeers.

Three Musketeers night.


Spent several days more in Manila before I had to go back to Cebu to get my grades, and I was damn nervous about it. After getting all of my grades, thank God I passed all of my subjects in the previous semester, I immediately processed my enrollment. I spent another day in Cebu hanging out with friends before deciding to go back to Manila because the classes haven’t started yet.


The final part of this great sembreak of mine focused not on going to places for fun and recreation, but food trips. Which explains why I have gained a lot now and which explains as well why I can hardly find a shirt in my closet that would fit me. Together with some cousins, everyday was a food day for us. From this day’s Chinese Cuisine, to tomorrow’s Filipino, then the following day’s Korean, then Japanese. All I can say is that I have really spoiled my gastronomic cravings.

I also got the chance to take part in the birthday celebration of my friend Ayana together with some highschool classmates who have gone back to Manila already. I helped them cook or make spaghetti; we played GUESSTURE to which our team, THE BIGGEST LOSERS TEAM, won the game.

Guess why we called ourselves, “The Biggest Losers”.

After the party, we went to another friend’s condominium, at its rooftop to be exact and it gave us awe after being able to see Manila Skyline, 40 floors above the ground.

40 feet above the ground! Oh wrong, it’s 40 floors!

Indeed, it was one of the greatest semestral breaks I had in my life. It’s the break that I have truly enjoyed. Now, as the classes have formally started, and with all those awesome things that I had experienced, I think it’s about time that I should wake myself up and get back to reality. Good luck for all of the students this second semester, may we all do good in our studies!


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