(Lulinghayaw is a bisaya term for recreation or vacation)

So yes, finally it’s the semestral break and what’s absurd in this semestral break is that I really really don’t have the urge, adrenaline, the hormones, to go back home really really early. No sarcasm intended. Imagine, I am still here in Cebu and indefiniteness is what I have right now in my mind as to when will I go back to Pagadian though a lot of my friends are already trying to reach me and have been asking me when shall I be going home, one thing’s for sure, I’m exciting them of course by not telling.

So for my first day, I was supposed to go to Boracay. I had my flight booked already, early June of this year. I was supposed to be with Krizel right now, who is celebrating her natal day today, whom I hope to have really pushed through in going there, but since there are circumstances that wouldn’t allow me to, I unfortunately wasn’t able to go.

(But when I called to check her out and greet her, I came to know that she was not in Boracay since she came to the airport way past the time for her to check in)

I really didn’t have much to do this day than watch series, I have been catching up with the series I have temporarily stopped watching for the past 3 weeks since the last 3 weeks I had were so busy weeks that I had almost forgotten how to sleep. Now, with this “couch potato” lifestyle, my body’s trying to cope with the long lost hours of sleep.

The past semester has been really a tough one and yes, just like what I have been writing about the semester, I’m still uncertain as to where the results would bring me. As far as I know, and for all it’s worth, I have put up a goddamn fight.

So for students, how has your sembreak been so far? Me, I’m still starting to decode the fact that it’s finally sembreak for us, imagine it’s the first Sunday since June that I didn’t worry about a test for Monday. It’s the first Sunday that I really did nothing but to waste time watching series, sleep, eat, go to church.

Of course I’ll be going home, probably next week or whenever I wanted to, however, I wont be staying too long in Pagadian, since there’s really not much to do there, except catch up with some friends and of course enjoy with the family. However the family has another plan this semester, and we’re halfway through finalizing it. Yes I will spend 1 week or so with them, and that would definitely be exciting since it is by far the first time we’ll be doing this stuff.

There’s got to be much to do with this little time I’m spending in Pagadian, with only about 7 days or so, I have got to really make the most out of my stay in Pagadian, and with more or less 2 weeks, I have to maximize my sembreak before another dreadful semester take its toll on me.

(I’m hoping that you’d continue praying for my grandma, she’s sick lately, and prayers, we need.)

Bye for now and enjoy the sembreak!


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