Verba sapientiae

Today, a random life coaching happened during our Hematology class. It happened while everyone else was getting bored, no longer paying attention to the lecture about WBC, when one sudden question was raised by our professor, Dr. Hidelisa Lozada. She asked us, “Do you want to be interns?”. Of course I didn’t answer for I am really not sure if I would make it as an intern in Velez. Well, for one, I’ve been struggling academically, or at least it’s not only me, but there’s a lot of us, and for two, everything’s uncertain so I just listened and tried to see how the discussion would go.

When the question was asked, few of my classmates responded “Yes”.  And I felt that they really are motivated to make it there, and it came as a surprise for her (our professor) to not hear us all say yes. Then she started life coaching, where, aside from Medical Sciences, she’s best at.

She started asking what made us hesitant to answer “yes” because she was expecting that everyone would say yes, she told us that we must remind ourselves that we would not be where we are right now, not in the third year level, had we not given our best in the previous years, “You need to work hard more”, she adds.

Some classmates were telling her that a certain subject is taking its toll on us, and she told us,  “Do you know how to defeat your enemy? Know your enemy and LICK THEM! Face your enemy, and defeat it by studying”. She told us that the third year medtech is much harder than medicine (that, I am half-convinced) and third year would mean= sleepless nights. “Study until 4 am, get a short nap about an hour or so, then off you go to school. That should be your routine until the end of the summer next year”.

She told us how great it feels, seeing one’s self, walking past the pavements leading to CVGH lab while you’re on your internship. And base on how she described it, I can only imagine how proud one can be of himself after having conquered the hell year in the MedTech life.

Ever since, I’ve always looked forward to hear her advices during our classes. If you’ve been following this blog, I wrote once a quote I got from her which says,

We expect failures, and I will never tell you it’s an easy subject because it is not, deny yourself to be part of those failing students”.

She ended the small talk with yet another great advice that I would really inculcate into myself:

“In all of your battles, your GREATEST enemy will always be YOURSELF.”

Still fighting,


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