18 thoughts now that I am 18.

As I am writing this post, I am contemplating on many things. Many things that bother me especially that I am embarking into a new page in my life.

I had just realized that time has indeed flown fast, fast that I have not seen it flying fast, I have not felt its hasty movement, I have not noticed that I am indeed getting older.

Today, I have just turned 18. For many, it’s the borderline, for some, it’s time to act old enough, to few, it’s a chapter where you become independent and prove to people what you have learned in the past 17 years by applying them into your daily living now. However, those are their thoughts. Thoughts that may differ to mine, or thoughts that may be the same with mine. Now that I had just turned 18, there are also 18 thoughts running into my mind.

1. I am already of legal age.
18 here in the Philippines marks the moment that you embark into legal age. Being in this age, you are privileged to wide array of services because you’re no longer a minor. On the brighter side, because you are of legal age, you are seen as an independent entity by the government and no longer under the protection of your parents. You can freely choose whatever you want in life because you’re already of legal age.

2. Because I’m of legal age, I am more vulnerable.
Don’t get me wrong, everybody is vulnerable to something. What I meant with vulnerable is that I am already accountable to the laws implemented in the nation. I can be sued, I can be sent to prison, I can already be subjected to a litigation. So must I bear in mind to be very careful in the actions that I will be having, otherwise, law will come chase after me.

3. Maturity is what the society expects from me.
I am in sometimes immature, I don’t get why but it has been one of my distinct characteristics. Some friends would even tell me how childish and immature I am and they would stress my need to grow up, however I don’t discredit the fact that growing up is a step-by-step process and that growing up doesn’t happen in a nick of time, that was before. Now I have to accept the fact that I’m old, and that I have to act my age. It doesn’t look good to see someone old enough acting childish or childlike right? I no longer want to be the item of your jokes guys. 🙂

4. There are priorities needed to be set.
Coming with ones maturity are the priorities you set in your life. These priorities should be for long term already. Remember when we were still liitle children that all we plan for, prioritize for are just for short term? It has to change now. If before we only want to get a high score in an exam, now I have to aim for a better life ahead. If before I only have to do great for the school day, another different effort must be set in the following day, now I have to do great for the rest of my life so that I will reap what is due for me.

5. I’ll still be a cynic.
Friends hate this attitude of mine, my being cynic. It always makes them curious on why I am so cynic about things. Perhaps that’s how I am accustomed to, that’s who I am. A friend was even asking me why I am a fan of some people who are perceived by others as antagonist, and I ask her back, why not? Every person has a unique characteristic, and being cynic is one of which I’m proud of, I have little to no friends at all who are cynic, and to be one is unique.

6. Studies first, for now.
This has become a cliche especially when associated with love, but for me, there’s more to that than being just associated with love. Well, I should put it in my mind that I must put studies first. Of course, I don’t want to be employed by other people so why would I resort into finding a job than studying? I don’t also want to have a stagnant brain so why would put studies behind. Education really is a good investment to make. It’s the only investment that can’t be stolen by any other person. I have not lost hope with the quality of education in the country, more so, I am still optimistic about it notwithstanding to the criticisms made by many Filipino people. I now wonder, why in the first place would they continue to complain about the system of education here if they are also the ones sending their children to schools under our Education System?

7. Make more friends.
I don’t easily treat someone as a friend, it has to take some measures before I can truly say that you are my friend and I am yours, otherwise you’re just an acquaintance who I might wave at when I see and recognize you or if not, I won’t. I just know a few friends of mine, mostly are my classmates, and having this attitude of being picky when it comes friends is one thing that I believe is not so good, so I think opening the horizons this year would be a better way.

8. Donate blood at Red Cross.
I remember back when I was still in highschool I had always wanted to donate blood. I have been an active officer then of the Junior RCY in our school and I believe that it would have made my term as an officer better if I was able to donate blood. But because I was underage, I wasn’t able to do so. Now I am thinking of donating blood in RC Cebu chapter, wouldn’t that be nice?

10. I still dream of becoming a surgeon.
It has always been my childhood dream, to become a doctor someday. If you have been following my blog, I have written about my dream of becoming a doctor one day, and if I am to talk about that again here, it would be another case of redundancy.

11. If I don’t become a surgeon, I would want to become a lawyer.
It’s my back-up plan, as far as my circle of friends know, I want to debate, to argue and I am inquisitive about things. I know those three wouldn’t be enough in making me a laywer but at least I already have those three. I like lawyers, especially when they win a case through good argumentation and debate. I am an avid fan of Alan Shore and Denny Crane of Boston Legal, they make good closings. I have been fantasizing about defending someone and winning it. That is, if I don’t become a doctor, or why not both? Let’s see if I can make it.

12. Some good things never last.
In my 18 years, I have learned my lessons. Wherever and whatever and whoever would that be, good things will never last. There will come a point that it will meet its end, that it may surprise you or shock you, or in the moments you least expect. I have previously thought that things, good things in particular, will last, but I was mistaken, that there will really come a point in your life that good things will come to an end. And yeah, that’s a good lesson learned.

13. No matter how old I am now, I still need my parents.
Everybody does, I mean who in the world would not need their parents, right? In the past years, I have had my fair share of disappointments, and hurts from my parents, and I remember that it came to a point in my life that I have wished to have a emancipation or separation from them, but I realized that what they are doing is for my good, is for what is better, is for what is right. After all, they know best.

14. Appreciate little things in life.
Because we always look forward for great things, we tend to forget seeing the small things or little things. Little things make up the big things we aim in life, without those little things, we wouldn’t have big things.

15. Step by step is what I need now.
Life’s not a race and I should not be in haste, I must be taking it one step at a time or else I will for sure miss significant moment or avenue of life.

16. I will continue to update my blog.
I have maintained this for a year now and it has been a witness to whatever significant happenings of my life, it has been the place where I place my sentiments and the thoughts that have been flying in and out of my head.

17. Will continue to be a RH Bill, Divorce Bill and K12 Education advocate.
You may not understand my stand but whatever your opinions are, I will still stand firm in my decision to support RH Bill, Divorce Bill and K12 Education. We badly need it now in the Philippines. My stand is my stand and you don’t need to compel your side for mine. We all are entitled to our own opinion.

18. Lastly, live life to the fullest!
Everyday is a new day, a new day that you can spend with happiness, laughter, conquering challenges, and inspiring others. It’s a brand new day to make friends, and bury the hatchet with your enemies. Listen and be listened to. Learn and teach.

Indeed, those are my 18 thoughts now that I am 18, and if you’re reading this, I am thanking you for reading it through and through. Let’s make the most out of our youth as time won’t wait for us, it will never come back.

Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est!

Happy Birthday to myself,






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6 thoughts on “18 thoughts now that I am 18.

  1. “Donate blood at Red Cross”
    Wow! I just can’t do this. I’m sooo scared of needles. And Bloods.
    One time I sat on a queue of students who’ll donate blood to Red Cross, because I feel confident donating. But when I’m watching, I turned cold and collapsed on my chair. Hahaha. That was really an embarrassing moment.

    1. Wow, i’m your exact opposite. I like needles and bloods! It’s ok, everyone has its own set of fears, and maybe those are yours. Perhaps trying to really donate blood, will help you conquer that fear! 🙂

  2. welcome to the world of the so-called legal age people. 😀
    me, i don’t consider myself legal until 21.
    but it doesn’t mean i’m not living my life to its fullest.
    😀 😀 😀

    1. Thank you, hahahah, we have different thoughts about legality, yes for some they think 18 really is not the legal age because majority of the youths who are in 18 now, including myself, are still immature in some ways. Hahaha.

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