New niche, new life.

Just last night, I was able to transfer all of my stuff to another apartment near in Urgello. This time, my place is better because I will be sharing it with 5 friends of mine, 1 is a classmate, and 1 is a med student.

Actually, it is quite saddening in my part because I had to leave the place I have been accustomed to, for a year now, certain adjustments have to be made since it’s a new place. Adjustments that would include waking up really early, among other things.

What excites me though is the fact that I’m living together with my friends, hopefully we would be able to help each other in terms of studying since all of us are really dreaming and aiming to finish our studies without having incurred any failure from any subjects.

That’s it for now,
James Annjo

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