After a long hiatus..

It has been a month since I last updated my blog, and I am very sorry for keeping you wait for a long time. A lot of things have made me busy in the past month, and it was not until now that I had the chance to update you with what’s going on in me.

Yesterday was independence day and I went to a local mall just to have a quality time with nonetheless, myself a day before the classes would start. While I was checking one of my accounts in the social networking world, Senator Pia Cayetano (see her blogsite here: asked what could we do as filipinos to help our country especially that it is the Independence day, I responded and to my surprise she responded back too.

The response of Pia Cayetano in one social networking site.

Today, our class had just started. It was a good start of the class. I belonged to a different block, so I shall be making friends with new people within the whole semester. There was nothing much that happened during this day. There were more likely catching ups that happened especially with my set of friends.

Tomorrow is another day for me, though I don’t have a class in any of my subjects, I still have to go to school to finalize some papers regarding my enrollment.

Bye for now friends.



4 thoughts on “After a long hiatus..

  1. Welcome back ! I have been coming here to check for your latest entry. I guessed you were quite busy, so I’m glad you’re back…. I have another quality post to read.

    1. Wow! Thank you for checking regularly for new posts in my site, yes, I was very busy in the past month and I went on vacation to my aunt’s house in Negros where they do not have internet connection. 🙂

  2. You must be very overwhelmed. ^_^
    I like your response. Yes, i agree with u.. As a young Fil that’s the least thing we could do, study harder, so that someday we’d be a big help for our country when we’re ready.

    Welcome back, aNNjo ;D

    1. Yes, thank you for welcoming me back, indeed I am overwhelmed because it is not that often that big persons such as the senators will respond to your tweets.

      Yes, one way is to study harder so that we will be able to serve our country with the knowledge and skills we have educated ourselves with.

      All the best,
      James Annjo

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