9 truths about lies. :D

It’s always a writer’s dream to have his work published, no matter how small or big that publication is, the overwhelming happiness that you feel when you finally see your work in a magazine, in a newspaper, in other people’s hand while they are reading, is so fulfilling. And I’m lucky to have one of my few works published in the official college organ of the University of San Carlos-College of Nursing, the Pins n Caps entitled “9 truths about lies”, and this was written way back when I was still a student nurse.

The original article below:

Can you still remember your childhood days when you used to brag about things and toys you “supposedly” have just to win friends, or even the times we lied about overnight project making just to have a sleep over and engross in an overnight DVD Marathon, or who could ever forget the time we lied to our girlfriend that we’re already on our way home, where in fact, we’re still facing the monitor of the PC and enjoying a dota match?

Lies indeed.

We hear it from everyone. You hear it from your mom, from your block mates, from your teachers and of course, from your girlfriend. Lying happens anytime, and anywhere. While we were always taught that lying is a sin and shouldn’t be done, how about if we try to look on the truths about lies?

Truth No. 1- “We started lying when we were 4-5”

In our early age, we already started to lie, the moment we have learned about the power of language, and you have taken advantage over it. You lied to run away from any conflicts we anticipated to occur, or we lied to get something, may it be friends, toys or foods.

Truth No. 2 “We lie to get accepted”

From circle of friends, to org mates, to our block mates, you sometimes use the weapon of lying for us not to be rejected. You create stories of yourself, you create images of yourself just to blend in with the group you wanted, you might have succeeded, but on the outset, you still lied.

Truth No. 3 “We lie to protect them”

This sounds absurd, but yes, we sometimes lie to protect our friends and families from any harm. You do it because you love them; you do it because you care for them.

Truth No. 4 “We lie, of course, to protect ourselves”

We do not want to start a conflict with our girlfriend or boyfriend, we do not want to get scolded by our parents why we did go home late, and we do not want our Clinical Instructors to scold us for late requirements that’s why we lie, but most of the time, lies of this kind doesn’t work at all.

Truth No. 5 “As nurses, we sometimes lie to comfort”

Lying may be a good therapy according to www.bbc.co.uk; the doctors only want the patient to be given information that helps his recovery. Lying may also bring no harm or complications especially when patients aren’t ready to hear the news, this may bring emotional downfall that can worsen the condition of the patient.

Truth No. 6 “We lie to pull down others”

This life is filled with competitions, and each of us has a game to attend to. You sometimes lie to cause harm to others, you sometimes lie to drag others down, to be able to surpass the other one, to triumph over your competitor.

 Truth No. 7 “Lies are often associated with gestures- Nose wrinkle and Mouth curl”

The nose wrinkle is the same gesture that occurs naturally when you smell something offensive. The other facial micro gesture is a slight downward curl of the corners of the mouth.  Even liars, who make a conscious effort to suppress all of their major body gestures, will still transmit micro gestures. People sometimes lie, but their body language always tells the truth!

 Truth No. 8 “We lie to entice”

“I’ve tried this product and it was so effective”, “The food was so great that you would miss half of your life not tasting it”, “Let’s skip classes, anyway, it’s just a minor subject”, sounds familiar right? Lies are sometimes used to entice someone for something, for you to get company, or for you to let others try a certain product. Lying has been very rampant especially in the media sector, for them to be able to market the product, they compromise, and then again, they lie.

Lastly, Truth No. 9 “As you lie, so does everyone else”

While there are almost 7,000,000,000 inhabitants of this planet, and while you are lying at this very moment, you are lying together with millions of people around the world, internationally, intercontinental, interregional, and even in the university it self.

Lies therefore do not always contain lie, there are truths behind it. Nonetheless, a lie is a lie, it is a sin, and must never be tolerated. We may have good intentions in our lies, but it may be misinterpreted. And after all, there may be truths behind those lies; it is still best to be honest enough in any actions, things and words we tell.


One thought on “9 truths about lies. :D

  1. We lie to get our way with the world.

    It’s ironic how our parents spend their lifetime trying to teach us not to but they do it to protect us (like you said). It’s a tool to get what we want but it has to be bounded by certain parameters and principles still so we don’t get our ass in jail or something. Hehe. 🙂

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