Happy Mothers Day Mama Helen!

Last year, I greeted you late. (see: https://jamesannjo.wordpress.com/2010/05/25/a-super-late-mothers-day-message/), now, I wouldn’t let it happen again…

I am one complicated baby, why, because I was born out of a complicated and risky labor- the caesarean labor. Many moms would have backed down, said no in risking their lives, hesitated to say yes, but my mom didn’t. Without much hesitation, she said yes to deliver me in the CS section, she said yes to put one foot ahead and the putting the other 6 feet under, and after long hours, I was safely delivered.  That was one of her greatest sacrifices for me.

17 years after, the love didn’t change. In fact, it’s the only kind of love that has been there for me. Others came and went but mama’s love didn’t. No matter how much I had changed, no matter how things between us changed from time to time, the love that she has been giving to me, to all of my siblings has been the same or even greater. She continues to love us despite of our faults, our differences, our attitudes; she’s indeed a super mom.

Because today is your day Mama, let me express my thanks through this blog post, the many thanks that are due to you.

THANK YOU FOR THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. For the many times that I had failed you, for the many times that I had broken your heart, for the many times that I had disappointed you, despite all of that, you had loved me through and through. You had shown me how a real mother must be no matter if things go differently, if things can’t be fathomed, if things get worse. That love, though intangible, became tangible in the many things you did for me, and I will always be grateful for that.

THANK YOU FOR THE SACRIFICES. If I say all of those, it may take me a week or even longer. That’s how great you are, you put us above your own happiness, your own needs and your own wants. You are selfless and you continue to be. You do and did things that may sometimes be risky, challenging, and sometimes preposterous just to make us happy, just to see that little smile in us, the happiness in us, and sadly sometimes, I forget to thank you for that. Sometimes I take for granted those sacrifices not thinking how hard it was in your part to do such benevolent things.

THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING ME AND FOR BEING THERE FOR ME. Ever since, I was a complicated child in the family. I am perplexed and incomprehensible. Nobody can fully understand me but you. I’ve been through a lot, been through pain and suffering, been through happiness and sadness been through success and failure, and you’re one of the few people who had seen everything of it. When in pain and suffering, you’re my comforter, the one I can call in the middle of the night just to seek words of wisdom, the one I call during dawn because I can’t make my lessons get inside of my head. You smile and share your happiness with my happiness. You become happy when I am and you try to make me happy when I’m not. In challenges, you’re the one who’s telling me to fight, who encourages me to fight and never back down, which is why I victor sometimes, you’re my number one critic of my works and give it a constructive criticism, you give me advices how to be better, and how not to go beyond the line. On the other hand, when I get defeated, and when I lose the game you’re still there telling me explicitly that it’s ok and there will always be next time, and telling me implicitly that I will always be the winner for you.

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. Like what I’ve said, if I must enumerate everything what you did for me, it’ll take me more than forever (that’s with exaggeration) but nevertheless, I want to still thank you for everything, for the things you did and you’re going to do in my life, for being my mother, my friend, and my critic. For being the shoulder I can lean on to, and for being always there despite everything bad that has happened to us, and to our family.

I may not say this as often as I would say it to a girlfriend, just like what you’ve told me, but I LOVE YOU MA. I’m sorry for not being the type of child that will say I love you all the time, that is mushy and emotionally expressive child, but I know deep down inside that I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED YOU AS A MOTHER, AS A FRIEND, AS SOMEONE WHO HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR ME AND WILL ALWAYS DO.

And with that, I would like to dedicate this song to you, most especially this line:

Sa piling ni Nanay
Langit ang buhay
Puso kong may dusa
Sabik sa ugoy ng duyan mo Inay

If given the chance to choose my mother, I will not trade you for anybody else, I did not become who I am today and will not become who I will be in the future if not because of you. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.


What say you?

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