Technology bridges the gap

Just this evening, I got the chance to talk to my family in Pagadian. They were complete there including Papa who had just arrived from overseas.

I’m indeed happy to see my family complete and see them chuckle at times but what saddens me is that I am not physically present. Sigh.

Thanks to technology for really realizing that indeed it’s a small world after all.

We finished talking for about an hour or so and we had a lot of things talked about from simple his and hellos to contracts to my studies among others. Indeed it was a worth it hour.

Unfortunately I think I can’t go home for the lent because immediately after it would be our finals and I wouldn’t dare compromise my midterms for it may have not so good effects.

They say, a little sacrifice. Yes little sacrifice of not seeing your family. That’s what you get when you choose good schools to attend to. But hey, thanks technology for bridging the gaps.

Farewell for now, will soon write a more decent post. Hahaha

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