Lying: Good or Bad?

We were always told that it’s not good to lie. I remember, when I was a child, my mom usually spanks my mouth when she catches me lying to her. Back then, the feeling of lying is very embarrassing to your part. Not only that you’d surely get spanked when you get caught, but when we were a child there’s no double standard- lying is always bad back then.

In elementary, almost everyone loathed a liar. When you lie, and when your classmates find it out, it shall be placed in the back of their brains that what you’re going to tell in the future may be full of lies. In elementary, it was like liar kids are equal to murderer. They will get to be loathed, they will get to be rejected and they will get to kill trust. Just like murderers, the only difference if you’re a murderer is that you’ll get to kill people.

So everyone was afraid of lying back then. Me? I sometimes had lied. But it has always been into my mind to be afraid to lie because I hate to be rejected, I hate to feel like I was an outcast because I was a liar and my classmates are not. I hate to kill trust because I had fewer friends back then.

When one starts to grow up, we felt at times that there’s a need to lie. One instance is lying to make someone feel good. White lie it is. Inevitably, there are instances which would make you settle in lying, like if you’re asked if someone looks good with something on, or if someone’s pretty already. Sometimes, when you really don’t know the answer, you tell a lie.

From white lies start those graver lies. Deceiving someone. Making someone believe. Corrupting government funds. Cheating elections. Revising statements and a lot more. We oftentimes don’t understand why people lie. Why they were necessicitated to fabricate something. Why did they do that to us. According to my favorite series Grey’s Anatomy, sometimes people need to lie because lying can be a good thing and it can change everything. Let’s see why lying is good and why is it bad.

Lying is good because it can be an escape way. Suppose you’re torn between unfortunate situations that you ought to escape but have no escape plan but to lie. You’re being left with no other choice but to lie, and thus you escape the problem.

Lying is good because it can help you fight emotional problems.  When someone asks you if you’re ok after having a break-up, would you say you’re not ok? I bet no, majority of people asked by such question try to answer I’m ok. It is to avoid further interrogations that can lead to breaking one’s heart more.

Lying is good because it can make your self-esteem boost. Did you ever have an experience where you know you’re yet to be announced as the defeated one yet you tell yourself that you’re way better than them? Boosting self-confidence through lying can boost self-esteem.

Lying is good because it makes you feel good. Admit it, sometimes lying makes you feel good. It makes you escape from reality and go to the world of fantasy and ambitions. Only lies can bring you there that fast because in reality, it takes a thousand steps to be able to to reach those fantasies and desires.

Why lying is bad.

Lying is bad because it has always been bad. It has been mentioned in the bible that it’s not good to lie. Always reiterated by our parents that it’s not good to lie. It’s a sin after all. And we were always taught that it was bad and it always will be bad.

Lying can destroy everything. Perhaps a trust, or a relationship. Makes you go back to scratch. Makes you feel unworthy of trust or makes you hesitate of giving away trust.

Lying is lying, it does not bring you to reality. We are always told to face reality. We are always told to face our fears, yet we sometimes lie to ourselves, to other people because we’re not ready to face reality, because we don’t want to get the answers we need, thus we lie. We escape from reality and we go to the place where we want to go. But that’s not healthy, at least for our psychological self.

Whether for good or bad, it still depends on us whether we tell a lie and suppress the truth or unleash the truth and step on to lies. Lying sometimes is a necessity but it does not necessarily mean that one must be lying all the time.  Remember, we are accountable of each of our actions done.




What say you?

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