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The one word that would describe how I felt after seeing the garbage collectors here in Barangay Santa Cruz, Cebu City. For the first time in my almost a year of settling in this barangay had I seen them strictly implementing the rules regarding the disposal of our own individual wastes.

Awhile ago, around 6, because that’s usually the schedule here, I waited outside to see them and how they actually implement the rules. Accordingly, the Barangay Council had established a schedule for the collection of biodegradable and non-biodegradable and the schedule is MWF and TThS respectively.

Since today is a Saturday, I readied my non-biodegradable wastes. When they arrived already, I watched them closely as they were collecting the garbage, to my surprise, they were very particular in collecting. They checked and even opened the sealed bags of clutter just to make sure that everything in there were non-biodegradable clutters.

Of course there were people who did not follow, and what they did was to return to those people their clutters and had them segregate it properly. There was nothing that the people could do because Barangay Tanod was following the Garbage Truck otherwise, they’ll have to face sanctions by the Barangay and perhaps there is a corresponding fine to it.

I am starting to appreciate the efforts of each Barangay here in Cebu in implementing such policy. Indeed, it’s one way of helping Mother Earth and it’s also one way of disciplining the people.


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