Come, Let’s travel PHL!

I remember, back when I was in first year high school, the video about the promotion of Philippines’ tourism got viral in our classroom to the point that we even did a version, a local version for Pagadian, which was of course not posted elsewhere in the internet.

The above-posted video is the version of the 21 artists who collaborated to make such project. While I like the version of Regine Velasquez more which is shown below.

I like the version of Regine Velasquez in a way that it was really literal in presenting the beauty of Philippines, such as the different tourist spots, festivities and the food that can be found in the nation. However, the message of the song of the first video was a bit nationalistic which gave ย the video positive response from the audience (not that I am saying though that the version of Velasquez did not have positive response from the audience). It has mentioned about how tourism can help others, and it has also presented several aspirations that the Filipinos wish to have in their life.Such as kaunlaran or progress, kapayapaan or peaceful living, among others.

Just awhile ago, while I was reading news articles in, I came to read about the efforts of the Department of Tourism to remake the video of Biyahe Tayo as part of the Tourism Campaign this year in line with it’s new slogan, Pilipinas, tara na! (Philippines, Let’s go!). It can be remembered that the department junked its first slogan which is Pilipinas kay ganda! because it was said to have been copied from Poland.

Spot the similarities!

Hopefully, the current administration, especially the department of tourism would be able to come up with a new, innovative, and inviting way of promoting the tourism of the nation. Because given the different unfortunate circumstances that our country has been through in the previous months, there can be no denying that tourism sector and as well as the tourist influx has been slowly declining. It’s time to raise again the banner of PHL tourism.

Pilipinas na kay ganda, tara na!


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