The Late-Tuner me.

The Crane, Poole and Schmidt Law Firm.

There was a point that I never really cared about series, I had thought of them as no-sense, plainly drama, not gratifying any of my entertainment desires. But then I was wrong. I got hooked with several series now, to name some are House, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, Private Practice, Lie to Me, among others.

Ever since the time I started watching series, I limited myself to something medical, something that would widen my imagination of the medical field. However, just lately, I had an attempt to watch something legal, something different from what I used to watch, and here comes Boston Legal.

I admit I am already a late-tuner for Boston Legal considering that the series ended years ago. Well, there’s nothing I can see that’s wrong in being a late-tuner though.

So far, I am in the middle of Season 4. And I have nothing else to say but the series is GREAT! Though it may sometimes appear as not that serious considering that it is a dramedy or drama+comedy, it still has awesomely presented the beauty of the cases that the lawyers from the firm handle. 🙂

At some point while watching the series, it has quite made my horizons open as to the future career I would wish to pursue, I mean, Law has always been one of my other choices aside from Medicine, and seeing how magnificent the lawyers of Crane Poole and Schmidt debate their cases had somewhat made an impact on my choices of career.

Though I must admit that sometimes, the case becomes unrealistic.

The great Denny Crane, Shirley Schmidt, Alan Shore, Brad Chase (though he turned as District Attorney sometime in the series) among others, put color to the story. Indeed, all in all, it’s a series worth watching and spending time!

And of course, who can ever take no notice of the background music when the OBB of Boston Legal is being shown, it’s jolly and fits just right to the dramedy.

It all ends up in Crane, Poole and Schmidt. And don’t ever forget, “Denny Crane!”


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