Young at mind..with family.

Young at mind..with family courtesy of

Just this afternoon, out of boredom, I went to my classmate’s house in the city. And after spending some time there, we decided to drop by at the cemetery, the private cemetery, to visit here sister. Upon arriving, we sat and fondly watch each person passing by before us. There were kids playing on the grass, above where the people who had gone past ahead of us were laid to rest, there were also family visiting their loved ones, being in the cemetery was quite a serene feeling for me as it was quiet, peaceful, had less pollution and everything seems to be so good.

However, there was something that caught my attention. I saw a family. It’s not just a normal family, but a family that consists of young couples. At first, I didn’t mind at all, but it has totally captured my attention the moment I had seen them carrying their baby.

I told myself, how unfortunate it is seeing them.

The head of the family was of the same age as me, and the wife (they may not be married but in order not to cause ambiguity) was like years younger than him. They had their baby with them, around 2 years, and they were walking past before us.

Let me qualify my statement, I felt unfortunate upon seeing them for a number of reasons.

First being is that I’ve come to think of how hard they are adjusting in that life, where they were necessitated to skip several developmental stages in life. That being said, they must have had experienced several fixation which is bad. Skipping developmental stage in your life isn’t healthy physically, emotionally and intellectually. You have to fast track preparing yourself, compromising whatever there are just to be able to meet the demands in the new developmental stage. Given their immaturity, I know they couldn’t handle this perfectly, nobody does, there’s no perfect family anyway I agree but  at least having yourself physically, emotionally and intellectually prepared would be better than forcing yourself to be.

Second is that I’ve seen how immaturely their actuations were, this is self-explanatory, they are young. They are not prepared for this. They have other priorities. They even smoke. They still played just like any other teen-ager out there.

Third, they are really economically unprepared to become a family. I suppose if the head of the family works hard, it wouldn’t be enough to suffice. The wife can’t help also because she’s way too young and she has to look after her kid. So, the support perhaps comes from their own parents.

Seeing them awhile ago was actually waking up myself to reality that this thing, they call as young family, happens in real life.  It’s also a challenge in my part not to end up in such scenario because given that I had seen just for a glimpse how it is to end up there, it is already it is already presumable that it would get into my nerves and try preventing getting there.

Seeing them also has made me guilty of things. Perhaps because I am a youth, I could have done something but I didn’t. I was once a student leader, had all the resources I needed to be able to impart knowledge but I wasn’t, or perhaps I was able but not enough. At least I had one program intended to inform students regarding abstinence during my leadership.

I believe we are socially responsible with our fellow Filipinos given that we are of the same race. We are also socially responsible because we would likely get affected in a way how their mistakes will most likely determine how we are going to be perceived by others, and most importantly, we are socially responsible to them because after all, we are FILIPINOS, and we are not FILIPINOS just for nothing and we must hold on to that.



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