Wobbly thoughts

As far as I know, summer breaks are supposed to be time of relaxation, time for resting and time for break of whatever academic activities there are. However, this summer break of mine, isn’t the typical summer break a student has.

Yes, I may be off the hook of some academic obligations however there’s something academic that haunts me apparently. And that’s nonetheless, my grades.

I admit that I did not do well in the immediate past semester compared to how I did in the past semesters that I had for College. If before I am always confident that I would have satisfactory grades now, I am not.

The immediate past semester was one of the worsts that I had for college because it seemed that I did not really have the enthusiasm to learn during those 5 months, not in all subjects though.

On March 28, I shall be back to Cebu because our grades will be released. Hopefully, I will have passing grades. Yes, I need to pass my subjects so that I can enter medschool, hopefully.


What say you?

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