Ligot ang mga Death Row Convicts!

Here are my 2 cents about the issues hitting the headlines as of the time being.

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Last week, we’ve heard both of them  using relentlessly their “right against self incrimination” during the Senate hearing which was very disappointing because they were called to be the resource person on the trial, and yet we couldn’t get even a tiny information that would help us in solving the graft and corruption in the military. However, we couldn’t blame them, after all it’s a right and they are entitled to it.

And just awhile ago, they pur posely didn’t attend the Senate Hearing because they were accordingly “sick” but when the Senate doctors came to check on them, they were healthy and they body can warrant them to attend the hearing. What is really happening to them? Are they trying to avoid the hearing? Weren’t their conscience moved that such way was not being cooperative to the case? Perhaps they’re trying to avoid the hearing because they are guilty of something, because they have involvement in something, I believe the Senate must put the couple in contempt, not only it is apparent that they are hiding something but it is likewise obvious that they are trying to avoid something. Smells fishy!


I’m sorry if I am being “unFilipino” here but I believe that those convicted Filipinos deserve to have their respective punishments particularly the execution. In the first place, they have violated the rules in China, and it’s not any normal rule but it’s a big rule, it concerns about drugs, illegal drugs, which is highly fobidden elsewhere in the world. The saying ignorance in the law excuses no one clearly explains how those Filipinos must accept their fate-being executed noting that they committed the crime in a foreign land, not in the Philippines.

First, I believe they committed the crime at their own free will and by that we can draw the conclusion that it is also known to them what the consequences are, they never told they were compelled in doing the crime, they just did. Perhaps this is in exchange of something, money most likely. The moment they had decided to accept and engage in such activity must also be the same moment that they should have instilled in their minds that by so doing, they’re putting theirselves at risk against violating the laws in China, and it seems now that they’re trying to show and lure the ideology  of the Public how unaware they are of the consequences and how sorry they were because they are were not aware of the consequences in exchange to it, my pity does not go with them.

Second, I hated it when Filipino officials try to ask other government to stop executing justice or implementing laws to our Overseas Filipino Workers. This has happened for a lot of times already not only to this case but a numerous cases prior to this. Yes, though it may be the responsible of the PHL government and it coincides with the vested national interest to protect the welfare of the OFWs but trying to stop other governments in executing their laws is a different issue. What’s the use of laws then if other governments will just plea or bargain something? This is clearly trivializing the laws. If we could just accept that countries must exercise their laws, and we exercise ours, then it would be a better case.

The better thing to do here is not meddling in any affairs in the implementation of laws in China, but not also forgetting our dear convicted OFWs by constantly checking on them prior to the execution and the continuance of support given to their family. That would be a better action and that would not put the PHL goverment into mockery.  Or, the Philippines can ask the custody of those convicted and have them litigated here in the PHL jurisdiction.


2 thoughts on “Ligot ang mga Death Row Convicts!

    1. Yup absolutely, they must be accountable for their actuations. What they did, they did it in their free will, and as such, they must also acquaint theirselves with the consequences. And the death penalty? We can’t do something about it, it’s the law in China. Why would we want to change it if it’s the law, it’s like trivializing isn’t it? Hmmm, yes, the Government has the responsibility over the OFWs, but there’s a word we call “enough” I think the efforts given previously were enough, and because the government of China is steadfast in really making them face the consequences, there’s nothing we can do about it. 🙂

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