JB’s Inato Grille: A review

JB's by day, courtesy of http://noelizm.blogspot.com/2010/12/pagadian-food-options-hotel-camila.html

After our small gathering at Kyna’s shop and after doing some window shopping, I and some friends decided to eat out for dinner, somewhere that we can’t find in Cebu or CDO and somewhere that is not a fast food chain because for one, fast food menus are boring us and for two it’s that common elsewhere.

We spent around 1 hour streetwalking, yes that long, just to find the right place where we’ll have our dinner because there were too many in the lists. At first, we decided to eat at Chicken Ati-Atihan but as soon as we came to know that they already had relocated into a smaller and less conducive-for-eating place, we got discouraged. The next on the list was sunburst, but since sunburst can be found elsewhere, we decided not to. While we were passing by the Cathedral, it came apparent to my memory about a grill resto somewhere uptown, and that was nonetheless – JB’s Inato Grille (yes Grill can be spelled with the E).

For many times have I already eaten in this place before and because I’m in the mood to write my review, here’s it:


The place is big. It’s really big for a typical grill resto here in Pagadian. If you compare others, theirs is just half as big as of JB’s inato. They have 4 partitions, the one outside, or the alfresco part, the main resto, the bar area and the air-conditioned area. One can really choose where’s where when you get to eat in the place.

Further, the place can accommodate, by estimate, a maximum of 200 person so there shall be no worries in your part should the traffic of customers go bumper to bumper.


They have excellent staff not seemingly approachable though. They easily attend to your needs such as when ordering, and getting the bill, and they are always on the look out that’s why they can easily attend to what the customer wants. They are staffed with enough people thus I can say that everyone can be accommodated in a certain time.


The food for me was good. Judging from the smell and the taste, it can already satisfy you. What I just didn’t like was how the service water tasted. I didn’t get how it tasted like but considering that it was only service water, I didn’t care anymore.

Their food is of low-cost. I was surprised upon looking at the menu on how their prices range. I can say that it is economically friendly. Considering that I am a goer for grill restos, when I compared their prices to others, I can vouch that it is really far from what other establishments are charging, so JB would really be a good choice if you were in Pagadian. Just imagine having a platter of rice at P35, isn’t that great?

The Live Band


What adds more delight to your meal is the live band at the background. There were 2 bands during the time that I had eaten there. The first one featured some old songs, which were good to the ears, and the other live band featured some new songs that matched to the old ones. You can’t find live bands elsewhere in Pagadian if I am not mistaken. So yes, this is a plus factor.


The one thing that must not be absent in any restaurant I suppose. Wifi access has become a must in everyday lives of some people, so if you’re one of those people, then JB can offer you with such service, and that’s for free. So, you can eat, listen to the live band and surf at the same time!

All in all, I can say that this restaurant is a good option when you’re here in Pagadian. Given their good staff, the huge area and not so pricey meals, it will definitely give you satisfaction especially gastronomically.

So visit JB’s Inato Grille along FS Pajares Avenue, Barangay San Jose, Pagadian City.


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