Why I support Merci?

Just last night, I kept myself awake to watch how the Congress deliberate the articles of impeachment against Ombudsman Merci Gutierrez until the moment that they had their voting in favor or against impeaching her. It was really interesting and worth watching as what I had posted in one of my statuses in Facebook.

However, to the dismay perhaps of majority, I am for Merci Gutierrez.

Whenever people will ask me if I am in favor or not with the impeachment complaint, and give them my straightforward NO answer, what I am receiving from them in return are meeting eyebrows, and it’s like judging me as anti-government, pro-corruption, like how they are prejudging the impeached ombudsman.

But why am I really not for the impeachment or ouster of Merci Gutierrez? Here’s why:

I still believe she has integrity and she’s true to her words.

Yes, Merci may be carrying tons of complaints and accusations in her back but I still have reason to believe in her. She still has her integrity in tacked, unshaken. I may not be able to convince you with this reasoning because primarily this is a subjective reason, and what the public needs to be driven or to change minds is objective reason, however seeing her actuations and how she deals with the problem especially on how steadfast she really is in proving the others wrong and how strong she still is and unafraid considering that by this time, given that she’s impeached already, she should have shown fear if she really is guilty just like how other guilty persons will do. I am also convinced that some congressmen who voted in favor last night are really not convinced but they are perhaps coerced or pressured because the majority is in favor to it. Last night’s voting never showed any power of law but more likely, it showed the power of numbers. Who has the bigger number of members gets to decide how a decision goes. It’s sad, I know.

I know that’s one futile reason for you to be enticed to change stands here. But yes, we are entitled to an opinion, and here’s my opinion about the matter.



What say you?

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