Swimming the night away

It has been a long time since I last posted here and my apologies for that. I have been very busy because the final’s week is nearing, and so is the semester’s end.

With some friends enjoying dinner in the beach.

Because we wanted to unwind before the finals, just yesterday, I and some friends went to the Beach of Portofino Resort to accompany Kuya Paul (Abby’s cousin hailing from Manila) because he wanted to experience the so-called “beach-life” here in Cebu.

Due to the fact that we still had an exam early that morning, we weren’t able to go early we finally went there at around 6pm.

It was really fun swimming at night because there was no Mister Sun, and cool breezes, instead, blanket you. Plus the white sand that one would definitely enjoy (though not the same with Boracay but it can suffice already).

After hours of swimming in the beach, we had a late night buffet at Waterfront’s The Port where I got really bloated, really really bloated. The acoustic band was cool too especially that they were playing Bossa songs.

After having late night dinner at the said restaurant, we decided to go Karaoke-ing at K1 in Crossroads. So, it was indeed a long night for us. Here’s to hoping that Kuya Paul did enjoy the night and of course the stay here in Cebu!



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