On Erap’s Blabbering

Last week, the Philippines as a nation celebrated the 25th anniversary of EDSA Revolution. EDSA Revolution, led by several supporters of then president Corazon Cojuanco Aquino, gave way for the Philippines to achieve democracy from the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos.

In line with the silver anniversary, Joseph Ejercito Estrada along with other guests was invited to the celebration spearheaded by the Philippine Government. After the celebration, the reporters then asked him about some of his comments regarding EDSA and its celebration.

One line in his interview caught my attention because he was like blabbering. And this line was: “Cory Aquino is the icon of democracy…Gloria Arroyo is the icon of corruption”

I couldn’t agree more on the first statement regarding Cory Aquino because she was really the figure notably seen when the Philippines was struggling for its democracy in 1986. She was the figure of the power of the people wanting to break free from the injustices brought about by the Marcos regime. She was the hope of the nation that time to stand in front of the battlefield for Filipinos that time and the future generations to come. Indeed, I do not question why we celebrate EDSA and why Cory Aquino is celebrated because we owe a lot to her and through that revolution.


I greatly differ to Erap’s reaction to Gloria Arroyo when he said that she was the icon of corruption. This is because it’s unfair in Arroyo’s side to be tagged as such. Gloria Arroyo may have had a lot of shortcomings when she was the President of the Philippines but to be associated as the icon of corruption is too much already.

Who should be it?

Corruption started from our forefathers, some of us may have not been born yet when this mentality started. It has been flowing in the blood of the Philippine Government for quite a while now and to blame only one person, to associate it to one person, is a brouhaha. Corruption’s icon can be traced in as early as the colonization time. Those times when we’re being influenced by some negative behaviors brought by the countries who made us captive for a certain period. Corruption icon therefore must be traced within those nations who held us captive and not Gloria Arroyo.

Why Gloria, Erap?

Erap I believe is holding a grudge against Gloria Arroyo because when he was ousted as the President of the Philippines, Gloria Arroyo assumed the position. Of course, even I will feel bad about it, who doesn’t? When you see your  VP replacing you in the position you’ve worked hard during the campaign period? That’s enough reason. However, hadn’t Erap realized that he’s more likely the corruption icon? Well, given his conviction on the plunder case, his proven involvement in Jueteng, an illegal game, hadn’t he realized that he’s the president who’s just out of jail because of corruption issues?

On Gloria’s side, people are very critical because during her administration, they had too many glitches. Such as the fertilizer fund scam, NBN ZTE deal, and a lot more but such cases are still rolling, and some of them even has been proven that GMA has not association with it.

Another matter is that Pnoy’s administration now is strongly blaming the immediate predecessor’s administration as to the many wrongdoings in the government. Because of the heightened attention given by them, some people, some honchos and politicos are trying to fit theirselves in to be included in the picture by perhaps giving comments just like what Erap did and some other politicians are trying to lure the public by letting themselves appear as anti-corruption, anti-GMAs and what nots.

Question is, why would ERAP tag GMA as the corruption icon when he’s the one who’s proven to have committed corruption? You be the judge.

Politicians and public leaders must practice giving out tactful statements because they are one of the many people being looked up to by Filipinos, especially kids that may be influenced and have their minds corrupted by tactless statements. I remember one tactless statement given by Carandang, the Communications Head of Pnoy, for the new video of Juana Change, a prominent good governance advocate. His “I don’t care” comment became viral and was thought by many as insensitive comment.

Erap next time must think before he speaks.



What say you?

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