On life’s complexity..

Life is simple; we are the ones making it complicated.

When confronted with great problems, puzzling problems in life, this is the thing that I always think of. When I question why life is being unfair, why is it hard to understand this is what I think of. When times get rough and simple words aren’t just enough to make me understand, this is what I try to put into my mind and eventually, it soothes my troubled self.

Life indeed is simple. If you take away problems, misunderstandings, hurt, it is very simple. Perhaps all one needs to do is to eat, breathe and sleep. That’s how simple it is. But when problems start to come, when troubles start to haunt us, when misunderstandings take place, that’s when it becomes hard, complicated and unfathomable.

And what makes it harder is our very own reaction to what is happening in our life. That simple gesture may lead to misinterpretation. The simple message or letter may misconstrue. The simple facial reaction may lead to misunderstanding. Simple things may lead to simple’s worsening.

It’s hard to understand why life complicates. More often than not, we question why does it happen. We question why we experience complicating life. We question why life sometimes get so troubled when there are also times when it feels like so boring because of its simplicity. And more often than not, we get no answers to such questions.

That’s how simple life is.

In the past week, I have been confused with what is happening with my life. There’s this person that was so dear to me, that I tried not to think of, tried not to mind, tried not to show even the slightest possible gesture that I could give because I know I ought to. I ought to because that’s how it should be. I ought to because that’s how it must be. I ought to because that’s for the better. However, in as much as I have forced myself, compelled myself to doing such things, there really are times when life does not go with your way. So here I am, becoming who I ought not to be. Becoming who I must never be. Becoming who I shouldn’t be. Admittedly, I liked the feeling. I liked how it felt. I liked how it made me feel good. And that’s where this confusion enters.

While I was getting better with my life, I wonder why circumstance would allow a thing to happen, making you somewhat vulnerable again. It may have allowed you to be better in every aspect of your life and in just a snap it made you like a rocket exploding in the vast space where there is vacuum and less gravity. Where every piece of your life is going adrift and you seem having the hardest time in getting every piece back. When making the rocket become whole again is next to impossible.

So I now question? Is life really simple? Or is there someone out there in the universe giving us this circumstance, making it complicated? Well, that, for me to find out still, and right now, I have to pick up the phone while it rings to the tune of Breakeven…

What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you? What am I supposed to say when I am all choked up and you’re okay.. I’m falling to pieces.. I’m falling to pieces..

Now, while everything’s not yet clear to me, why life is so complicated, all I have to do is to sit back and enjoy life. Yes, it may be complicated, but trying to understand the complication of life is a step to making it easy. 🙂


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