Contraception Docu..

So last year, or last semester, in my Introduction to Medical Technology class, I was tasked to report about Contraceptives. And because our instructor wanted the reports to be creative, I decided to create a semi documentary and asked some people on their 2 cents about contraception.

Luckily, we had a long vacation that time because it was intramurals, so I went home, had my interview. In Pagadian, I interviewed Rev. Paner of Christ the Lord of Glory Alliance Fellowship, and Ms. Erlinda Sabate of the Barangay San Jose Health Center. Then went to Cagayan de Oro and interviewed my classmates, Elaine Geneston BS Chem student of Mindanao State University and Ivy Baya BS Nursing Student of Xavier University.

So the videos can be found below:


What is contraception?


Why do people use contraceptives?

Contraceptive use is advantageous, or is it?


Is it really defeating its purpose?


The bottomline..


Yes, I can say that the videos are informative. And I am quite inspired in making documentaries such as the above-posted videos. 🙂 Enjoy watching.


What say you?

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