Hearts Day

Yesterday, early in the morning, I hurriedly went to school to catch up with my exam in laboratory management. When I was passing through the entrance of CIM, I saw a lot of students bringing flowers. Some were red roses. Some were blue ones. There were also some bringing cakes and balloons and some had cut out small hearts clipped in their uniforms. That’s when I realized that yesterday was the Valentine’s Day. The supposed “very romantic” day of the year. The day intended only for LOVE and what not.

I cared less for them and cared more for the exam that I am about to take so I ran fast to the exam room.

Call me bitter but I do not really believe that there is an essence of celebrating valentine’s day. You may think this bitterness comes from me not having someone to celebrate it with, but it’s not about that.

During elementary and so with high school, almost yearly we celebrate valentine’s day. I remember myself getting excited when this day comes because it also means suspension of classes. That’s the only reason why I become happy when it’s valentines and nothing more to it. During those days too, I remember that we ought to practice for some dance presentation, or make programs, have our king and queen of hearts and of course, the activities that usually forced love teams to participate, ending in them being teased by the whole class.

But that was elementary and high school. That was during those times that we know less about love.

Now in college, things became clearer and clearer that it made my understanding about the celebration of Valentine’s Party vaguer and vaguer. Yes, irony.

So instead, I and my friends from Pagadian, whom we collectively call ourselves “ESPACE” or the Estudyanteng Pagadianon sa Cebu (Pagadianon students in Cebu) celebrated a pre-valentines party last February 12, 2011 at Kyna’s house. There were no love notes, nor love letters, not even gifts or flower giving but there were games, food, and unlimited laughing which made us enjoy once again this supposed “hearts day” in advance.

Adding to the fun was the online call to our friends in Manila, thanks to Skype.

Talk about food? Yes there was a lot of it last Saturday. Balamban liempo, which was so palatable. The big chunks of sausage in Auntie’s Pancit Bihon, and Kyna’s lasagna. Indeed, there was eating of food all night long.

Games will never be absent when ESPACE convene. The revised road-to-Jerusalem game made their sweats rush. Those mental games they played.

And unlimited photo-opps? Needless to say, but there were a lot. Very lot of it.

So, my hearts day was still good. It reminded me of something, and that is, to enjoy sometimes. Never get too uptight of my self. Loosen up sometimes. And it has never taught me something about love, because love? That shouldn’t be celebrated for a day only, but everyday. Familial love, love among friends, love for God, and your love for your special someone do not need a day to remind you. But instead, it’s your obligation not to forget.


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