Happy Birthday TKF!

So I got reunited today with my old classmates in University of San Carlos because our friend, Tala celebrated her birthday. And since it was an “eat-all-you-can” party in The Port, Waterfront Lahug, I did not hesitate to eat in as much as I can, I know that sounded humiliating! >:)

The food there is so delicious and worth the price unlike some other “eat-all-you-can” restos here in Cebu. My favorite for tonight was the pork belly and the ice cream mixed with gulaman and mango. Though I had eaten there many times already, their food has never disappointed me, not once, so whenever you get the chance to be in Cebu, eat at The Port.

Indeed, it’s nice to be reunited with friends, talk about random things that each one missed, and reminisce about the moments before.

As for the birthday girl, thanks for being a friend to us, best of luck and God Bless you always 🙂

Tantanana..... the Birthday Girl!!

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