Competition: Spice in student’s life

I have been a student for so long time now. I have tasted life in school. I have nurtured myself with things and made my life immune on the spontaneity of how certain things in school occur, may it be pleasant or unpleasant in nature. More so, I have had first hand experiences on different classroom scenario, may it be happy, sad, lesson-learning things, or situations which are not worth remembering. Making friends, and turning down acquaintances. Where everything aforementioned are things you least expect to be significant.

Few years ago, in elementary in particular, I never cared as to how much grade I make. I even had 75 grade, a mark which was highly feared in high school, a mark which would make you descend to another section if you’ll be in the elite section of the school. In elementary also, I never felt that, despite how young we are, there really is this thing they call classroom competition, but as for me, I just didn’t care about it, moreover, I have taught myself to live in a “happy-go-lucky” life, where I see myself as a subject of a portrait called life, who, was never into making competition and just thought life as a smooth sailing one that needs no hassle.

But as years passed by, the thoughts awaken me from a nightmare I was unconscious about. During high school, good thing that my grade qualified for the DOST section, I was with the elite students I should say. I was with lots of valedictorian, salutatorian, and honor students that in my case were just unreachable dreams. Slowly emancipating, I have learned that competition is significant especially for a dumb like me. Never had I imagined things, particularly competition, would change my perception over things.

Competition in classroom is indeed very significant. This does not only intimidate at times of your weaknesses, nor overwhelm you during your strength subjects, but more likely, competition will be the very reason why everything in you will rekindle, may it be your study habits, or your memorization skills, or even listening skills during a teacher-student interaction, or you yourself to be awaken in the sleeping thoughts you make.

Competition further makes your stimuli work, I guess, at their respective peak points, let us take courtship as an example, whenever you have a competitor for that sweet “yes” from the girl you wanted, you shall always strive for the better, may it be in appearance, on the closeness with the girl, or time spent for her just to win over the other guy. That is the same in classroom competition, one must really work hard.

Indeed, we must never settle in the mediocre but aim for the sky.

Gearing myself with the guidance of God, good study habit, and dont forget, COMPETITION, I know that there really is a big possibility that things I wanted shall go with my way. Things I ought myself to acquire will be acquired.

Lastly, thanks be to Competition, I know everything invested will bear its sweetest winnings and gains. And further, I know that competing will bring me to closer to my dreams 🙂


What say you?

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